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mASF post by Big Boy

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mASF post by "Big Boy"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, August 8, 2001

>Unfortunately, at least lately, those 'flame-war friends' INCLUDE some of
>the PU Masters that are well known in here.

Hmmm... NONE of the people on this board have posted in ASF in at least the
last month, except JK I believe....

>Can you say you blame him? I personally don't mind if some of the masters
>want to exchange email on a list,

1. It's not ALL 'masters'.

2. Just because someone joins doesn't mean they can't post here to their hearts

3. Thank you for your blessing in our endeavor! I'm glad that you "don't
mind"! :/

>but most of us here read ASF to get GOOD
>advice from them

Who? Most of them DO NOT POST HERE. Subscribe to Clifford's List, go to» (can't suggest that book enough!), buy a BHSC, and use
Formhandle's excellent site (esp. ALL of Mystery's old posts) when you have a
question. A mistake I made was reading TOO MUCH.

Get OFF the fucking computer and go get the girls.

Even money says most of the people asking the questions here have never done
Mystery's first step in basic training. (DON'T fucking ask... it's the Elvis
script, look it up in the archives.)

>If they keep all of their ideas to that private list and
>short change ASF, you might as well hand ASF over to the spambots.

You are under the mistaken impression that you are ENTITLED to knowledge.
You're not. Post something worthwhile (you may have before, I don't read in
here too often) and you will get in eventually.

>designated sites are good, but don't always answer specific questions, and
>I can see lately that good questions that aren't answered in the archives

I'm wondering --- what specific questions do you have? They've probably
already been answered -or- are lame if you cannot find some clue in the wealth
of material offered online.

>never get a decent response from the experts.

Of course not. There are just THOUSANDS of excellent posts by Mystery, Nathan,
Maniac, and countless others in the archives ALONE.

Yet you want more.

Sorry to be so harsh especially because I can see some of myself in you, less
than a year ago. But go put in the groundwork and GET A LIFE.

P.S. I just reviewed some your posts in the archives.... what have you
actually went out and DONE? oooh I just found this one... let's play dissect
the question...

1 -

Nicholas said: (ONE approach made at a club - where were the other 2 or 3 for
this one club? You just did ONE and lamed out, eh? - BB)

Her: Oh, I know exactly what you mean, it was like that with my friend
Sara, we met in 9th grade, and we were best friends from the start, and
have been best friends ever since....

Which leads me to my questions... How does one deal with a chick like this?

BB says:

A chick like WHAT dude? She was apparently at least SOMEWHAT interested in the
convo. Doh...

Nicholas asked:

How long should I try before ejecting?

BB - why me? How long did you WANT to try? Standard is anywhere from 10 - 25
mins. Later you say how annoying the girl is, here you ask how long you should
try. If you don't want to be there with her at that moment, LEAVE.

Nicholas said:

She wasn't OVERLY annoying, she
wasn't talking super fast, or have a whiny voice, but it was like she was
very uncomfortable with any lulls in the conversation, even for a
microsecond. I tried for about 30 minutes before finally saying "Ya know,
most times, conversations are TWO sided".

BB- Way to build rapport. There are some times where you can break rapport on
purpose and it will work (I've not really tried it yet) but if she was
attractive enough to APPROACH why didn't you let her babble for a bit to see
where it went? Why were there lulls in the convo? Weren't you conveying all
the traits she WANTS in a man, then getting the # if you wanted it and LEAVING?
No stories about how cool you are (done subtly of course)?

Nicholas asks:

Was this a bullshit trick that women pull to see if I would be bold enough
to tell her to shut up?

BB - Haaaa yes and we never landed on the moon either dude. What's with the
conspiracy theories? A lot of girls are fucked up... just smile and say "Gotta
go... have a nice evening" and MOVE ON.


Almost ALL of your posts are THEORY and not FIELD WORK RELATED. And stupid
arguments with RAY that will never get anyone ANYWHERE.

For Christ's sake GET OUT MORE.

How old are you BTW? You remind me of a bud that THINKS TOO MUCH. I THOUGH
TOO MUCH to until I said life is too short - RELEASE THE FIEND.

I normally don't post this much but this fascinates me... 'mental masturbation'
at it's finest as Myst would call it. Wish I would have had someone post a msg
like this to me about a year ago.


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