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Parables: A Useful Tool

mASF post by Joe R Walker

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Parables: A Useful Tool
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mASF post by "Joe R Walker"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

I like the way Jesus taught. We hardly ever hear parables outside the great
religious teachings of the world so if you can use them it makes you look wise
as hell. It also allows you to make a point that would get an argument if
explained in literal terms. Probably not a great opener but here is an example
I used to answer the grand old question “How do you know all this shit?” It
came in an email from a woman I had recently bedded. Of course I could say
“Check out it tells you all about attraction, rapport,
push-pull theory, and has a great section by David Shade on pleasing a woman
with your hands! You can even read the Lay Report about how I scored you.”

Instead I wrote this to her in an email and have since used it in basic form
with others who ask where I get my ideas from. There are a couple single guys
at work that think I am quite a guru.

I would, however, like to tell you a little story.
It starts “once upon a time” and ends with “and that is the sorry fate of those
that . . .”
So where shall we begin? Ah yes?
Once upon a time there was an adventurer who under took a great task. He
journeyed but the journey was not the task. He faced dragons but that too was
not the task. He faced inner demons and we shall never know how some of those
battles ended. And by and by our noble hero came close to completing his
journey, a veritable quest for knowledge, and only then did he discover that
many people hated him for the knowledge that he had obtained.

He discovered there are more than one way to skin a cat or more appropriately
to please one. Some are different than the traditional methods and thus
despised by those whose orderly world was rocked by the truth. And he found
himself questioning many of the traditional methods in other areas of life.
Indeed, what does it really take to skin a cat, or please one? And that is the
sorry fate of those that have adventures.

Anyone is welcome to plagiarize this story in part or in entirety without
giving credit to the author unless it is to be used to make a ton of money.


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