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Using Yahoo‘s tools effectively

mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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Using Yahoo‘s tools effectively
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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

And I am meeting the first chick for breakfast Sunday morning.

"either or both....... what area do you work in? Friday eveing I have an
appointment with my web designer at 10pm(dont ask... he is so busy that is the
only time we can meet! I am really frusterated right now) so we could meet
then or Sunday AM, you tell me... call me at work if you want

96--6---" Sorry I do not trust some people on this site to leave a number.
There is a wierd little guy lurking on this forum that is re-posting my posts
over at the pimps network. And how he found that addy I don't know:

From: KINGOFHOES Jul-13 6:04 pm
To: ALL (1 of 2)


It's one thing to understand the female mind, then you can play these hoes. But
if YOU have a female mind yourself, then you're just a ####. Here's another
post by zenfag that he posted today on as "playersupreme":

Now this little nerd assed twerp had the nerve to state an obviously not even
thought out lie:

From: KINGOFHOES Jul-13 2:50 pm
To: ZenMack (4 of 6)

2037.4 in reply to 2037.3

Not that I have to explain myself to a square like you.

I email pimp instructions to my bitches who check there cell phones for my
email, and I make sure I'm totaly, and utterly untracable fool, you should have
figured that out, CHUMP.

If only this queer could see how stupid he is making himself look. I'm sure
his answer is that it's only the internet. The way you do anything is the way
you do everything-old zen saying.

So if any of you know this cowardly twerp let me know. He refuses to give his
screen name on this site:

From: ZenMack Jul-13 3:52 pm
To: KINGOFHOES unread (5 of 6)

2037.5 in reply to 2037.4

ahahahahaha....and how do you collect ya doe? Wigga you one dumb assed w****
boy you know that.

Again #### what is your screen name over there? Again your too #### to tell me.

Also you don't even own a computer kid. Everyone in here knows this. But you
have now become my little


It's funny to watch you keep jumping up and down in here.

Babyboy if you want to fly with the eagles why are you scratching in the dirt
like a turkey???

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