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FB Conversion

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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FB Conversion
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, July 7, 2005

On 7/12/05 5:25:00 PM, OceanEyes wrote:

I went to read Michael's post about the role of Social Status and as usual I
agree very much with him.

My comment about what he wrote is that woman's EVOLUTIONARY DETECTOR ( term is
mine ) if almost probably in the LIMBIC SYSTEM (Amygdala and other centers ) so
part of a more PRIMITIVE BRAIN than the CORTEX and that woman's reaction about
attraction and about social status may be for emotional issues in the Limbic
system and for logical issues in the Cortex.. so...

- The "average" business could be for a woman with some LSE traits Bill Gates
without attraction from her with him giving her money. She HAS to be LD then OR
keep lovers on the side.
- Even better would be Hugh Hefner giving her money + sexual attraction (
would he be exclusive to her and how much and how long he can fuck her and only
her? LOL..)
- But average guy with a lot of sexual attraction is not THAT BAD as
business.. and I think this is the point Michael does..

Also many women are HOes but thanks God not all the women..some of them are
freaks and some other even good girls.

The evolutionary detector can be EASILY FOOLED because it's functions are
STEREOTYPICAL and very PRIMITIVE and part of a more primitive part of her
brain, more likely to react on a:

1 0 1 chain

than on a more complex logical chain.

In a word: I don't think that your situation with her would be so bad like you
write for the fact that she has more social status right now.

What I would do in your situation would be to keep her as FB and RAISE MY
STAKES to make HER SUPPLICANT as soon as she starts to try to OWN ME. I mean
first be a challenge and when your price raises to sell ON YOUR TERMS. This
everything on it. (if you raise the prize too much she may not buy of course so
CALIBRATE). In my experience only very LD women can resist this but they can be
played on th e longer term, especially if HSE by not letting them own your
heart. Anyway with LD this may not succeed because they can easily control
their sexual desire.

The crucial point with her is: if you frame yourself as
HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND/PROVIDER then and ONLY then the Social Status assumes an
important role.

In fact the LOGICAL considerations about social status are in her CORTEX ( =
New brain ) and the EMOTIONAL REACTION to SOCIAL STATUS is in the Limbic System
and what she is doing now is to try to CONTROL HER LIMBIC SYSTEM, her
emotionality to have you as provider so that her logical part prevales.

When she is not blocking you when you tell about your player stories depends on

If you succeed in playing her emotions back and get the LOVER frame back then
you are again acting on her more PRIMITIVE BRAIN..

This is the struggle going on with her. How much HD or LD she is is an
important factor because for the HD woman is much more difficult to control the
LIMBIC SYSTEM than for the LD women.

I just explained these things about brain biology to women in my first seminar
for women..

In a way your idea about she being a FB is very logical in this context but do
you need to put it into a logical frame? Just play with her, do what Ross
says:"Pay attention to the particular woman in front of you.."

I would consider the situation as very bad if it would come out that she is
actually very LD. I have been in lover position with LD women who were CLEARLY
the fact that HE WAS IN THAT POSITION. They could have some "HD peaks" on the
curve of their sexual desire with me because of my "Well fucked woman's skills"
( I liked the term you created, LOL) but also because I was strictly in the
LOVER ROLE! I mean if you are having great sex with her once or twice a week (
you do not live in the same apartment isn't it?) and she has 100% control on
her desire the other days it can be difficult to play her but if you start
fucking her every day and she gets more and more pleasure from it = she is very
HD = and you cannot get the hands off each other no matter what she says you
can play her like a Stradivarius by getting back into the LOVER role and
afterwards make her supplicant to you..

Power of endorphins: you would put her then in the same sitaution of a heroine
addict. There is no easy way out from that..

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>More info contained in my
>reply to this:
>If this is true, I doubt I
>will be able to
>convert to FB, will just have
>to next her.
>The only way forward is
>accepting her frame
>of betaization, her full
>control of sexual
>access, and most likely from
>her previous
>history, getting dumped later
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>sufficiently long thread on
>mASF devolves into a flame war
>about SS.

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