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mASF post by bish0p2004

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mASF post by "bish0p2004"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

Jim, you are my idol!

On 5/28/05 12:38:00 PM, jetsetjim wrote:
>She's cute dude, I'd say about
>an 8.5
>But you look like you are
>about on par with her looks
>wise. I want to see butt-ugly
>fucks like me laying HB10's!
>Of course, Gunwitch says this
>is impossible.....
>In that vein I posted a reply
>to a message with pics of me
>and my LR's.
>--A man can be short and dumpy
>and getting bald but if he has
>fire, women will like him.
>--Mae West, Playette
>Extrordinaire (1883-1980)

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