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opening as a natural...

mASF post by socrates

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opening as a natural...
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mASF post by "socrates"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2005


I agree with ActionAndy that you can't use canned material if you're trying to
be "natural"- that has to come from the heart. However, I've found Gunwitch
Method and Juggler Method in particular to both be quite open-ended in their
approach to gaming the ladies, allowing you instead to adopt a certain frame of
mind without having to rely on a prewritten set of tactics.


Mystery doesn't give his method out... you have to shell out beaucoup dough at I won't say one way or another as to whether
it's worth it (TD, after all, claims to have studied under Mystery... and I
have immense respect for what I've read that Tyler has authored). However,
there's a lot of free material to be had right at your fingertips before you
start dropping coin on these tactics.

As for Style's method, hell if I know where to find it. I may have come across
it at one point or another, but it's not to be found in my most copious
collection of links, articles, veronica moser video tapes and FRs. So, yeah.

As for popo jjjjijio and some additional archived, easily accessible
methodology (TD, juggler, Gun and more), I've found the best resource to be There's also
for the Don Juan Bible, and the obvious references of and».

Happy hunting.

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