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Girlfriend dated celebs(2) and how to tease her...

mASF post by Jamster

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Girlfriend dated celebs(2) and how to tease her...
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mASF post by "Jamster"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/12/05 8:29:00 PM, charlestheis_theiii wrote:

You need to step back put some reality thinking into this.

>(I took the advice from the
>above post and every word of
>it helped save my
>relationship. I shit you

Yeah. I read that. Is the relationship WORTH saving, though?

The question you have to ask yourself is this: Can you keep up your game the
whole time you are with her? You let it down and she will slam you, dude.

>I don't have enough things to
>tease her about
>Here are some facts about her:
>1. Has 8 cats
>2. Does not clean up cat puke
>when they puke in the corner
>(just covers it up with a mat)

That should cover teasing for about then hundred years or so.

>3. Is overweight
>4. Is in her 40s (I am in low

These are things to bring out if you feel the need to slap her, not tease her.

But from what I hear, she might need to be slapped.

>5. Has an entire "shit" room,
>that is her Computer Office
>that smells like shit, because
>of 3 liter pans..

Collect stories of weird old ladies with 127 cats...

>But she used to be a hottie
>that dated Pete Sampras for 3
>Please note that he dated
>other women, he was not
>crushed by the experience of
>not seeing her again,

Never mention her other men. Don't pay much attention when she does.

>At first I didn't like it when
>I found out that she was so
>hot back then that she dated
>such celebs. Based on how she
>looks now, nobody will go near
>her as much, she has gained
>major weight around the face,
>and has huge thighs, vericous
>veins on her legs.

I'm 52. Most of the women that are near my age that I would even consider were
solid 9.5's 15-20 years ago.

>Wouldn't you re-think what you
>are getting if you looked at
>pics of your girlfriend from
>way back and she was hot, and
>had as

Any woman over 35. And about 99% of women over 30 and maybe 50% of those over
27. Sad fact of life.

> says "responded to
>every guy's high libido when
>they were her boyfriend and in
>their early 20s"

Same as above. Don't pay attention.

Or if you want to 'slap' her.

>Shit, back then, all I had was
>my left had to spank it...

Don't tell her that.

Maybe, just maybe, say, "Yeah. You were pretty. And any halfway decent girl
could pump 5 loads out of me in an evening. We were young then. Get over it."

>She does not wants kids,

She's over 40. She probably can't have kids. Really. check the stats. Some
women can at that age. Most can't.

> ... and
>you can tell that her drive to
>succeed (she came from
>nothing, put herself thru
>college, made six figure
>salary by working hard in

I'm not sure about how high drive that really is.

I used to work in operating rooms. Surgical sales girls? Beautiful. Just

I mean really nice looking. Great social skills. Smart. Smiles at you and it
makes your day. Nothing even remotely slutty about them.

But even 10 years later, I touch myself thinking of one of them.

Funny, about the time they hit 30, they all decide "The rat race competition
isn't for me. I'll give up this quarter million a year job." As though they
had a choice in the matter. Just like your girl saying she "doesn't want

> but you can tell that
>inside she might be a mess
>because, who the fuck would
>let cat puke sit there for
>over a month?

Do you want to tease her about that? Or do you want to get judgemental. It's
really hard to do both. To me, you just sound judgmental here.

> She also knows
>how to dress sexy and she does
>have a high sex drive right
>When I go ballistic about how
>pissed I am that she used to
>be hot and now she is not (and
>how other guys in the past had
>her in her prime and now she
>is a fat piece of shit),

Ma-an. That is stuff that she knows. She cries about it every time she is
alone and looks in the mirror. Really.

> she
>responds with "You should be
>lucky that none of them are
>still with me, cause then you
>wouldn't be able to have now,
>would you?"
>This calms me down a little...

So, you think it is OK for her to push your buttons like that?

>So the point of this post is..
>How could I bust on this girl
>more knowing the facts above?

You know more than enough to bust her. Either teasingly or going for the kill.

Your inner state is what makes this go or not go.

The "facts" have nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

>How would you feel if your
>girlfriend is an old "has
>been", but was once so hot as
>to be chased by famous celebs?

All my girlfriends are either that way or young and overweight and/or ugly.

I kinda like the young one's better, but a lot of guys feel differently.

>How can I turn around the
>weapon she used of how she
>used to date celebs (social
>proof tactic), into a cocky
>and funny/bust her for it
>"response" (to make fun of her
>for dating celebs? How can I
>turn that against her?

Why? Ignore it.

If she brings it up enough to really bother you, sit down and ask her seriously
how she feels about where she was then and where she is now.

BTW, do NOT really physically slap a woman like this. Anyone here.

She will dig it. She will treat you right for a bit after. You'll have great
sex. She will give you respect.

And you give her *ALL* the power. She will get to be a virtuoso at pushing
your buttons. And she can send you to jail any time she wants.

The only way you really get the power back is if it's more likely that you kill
her than it is likely you go to jail. You have to be more hard-assed than I
care to think about for this to be true.

Franco? You with me on this, no?

Jamster Geezer
"If you can't be graceful, fake it."

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