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PUA is the new AFC: Why ASF is wrong

mASF post by WacoM

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PUA is the new AFC: Why ASF is wrong
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mASF post by "WacoM"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

I have to admit. The thing that scared me is the "do tons of approaches"
Before I found I was doing NONE, read my lips NONE, zip,
approaches. What FS told me is to approach more woman. Think about it this
way "If you go up to 100 woman in a bar saying 'wanna phuck me' chances are 1
of them is going to say yes' if you go up to a girl saying 'give me your
number' chances are that out of 20 or 30, one will give you her #.

What FS did for me
1) Increase my confidence.
2) Make me more aware of girls attractions to me. I just realized how many
girls actually liked me from the past, when I read "Signs a girl likes you"
3) Increase my ability to attract woman, sure not every routine will help me,
but when I initiate kino, or talk about different topics I get a better
response then when I was social and talked about what I did on the weekend and
how many classes I take during the semester.

I have to say this though, I am NOT changing my nerdiness. I am a nerd @
heart, and will continue to be one so long as I live. I am not giving up the
enjoyments of my life to fuck a chick. I HATE sports and hate to talk about
it, I hate to talk about cars, and I hate jocks. I am not going to meet people
who like me because I talk to them about these topics.

I keep the "alpha" routine while I do pickups, and keep the "nerd" routine the
rest of my life. And I like it alot.
I love to discuss new games, politics, physics, sociology, history, and other
boring crap like that. I am not giving this up.
I have 2 friends, one of which I see once a week, and one of which I see once
every 3 months. And I am glad with that. I am happy. I am the kind of person
who does NOT need human interaction to keep my happy. I do NOT get lonely, I
just get horny. I can live in this world by myself for the rest of my life. I
do not need anyone!!! But this site helps me find and phuck girls to no end.

You tips are good, and I agree with you 99%. Up to the point where you say FS
doesn't help. It does, and it continues to. Tell me this though, why did you
come here if you were getting sufficient pussy? You want to know why I cam
here? Because I wasn't getting ANY.


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