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To anyone who wants to listen

mASF post by broverho

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To anyone who wants to listen
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mASF post by "broverho"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/1/05 6:03:00 AM, Chance wrote:
>But try going to a party and
>seeing this girl you were
>talking to five minutes ago go
>into a back room and get
>banged by this annoying
>jerkoff who knows how to play
>the social theatre.

Figure out what he does, learn from him. In the future YOU might be seen as the
annoying jerkoff because other guys envy YOU for getting action in the back

>And theatre is ALL IT IS.

The famous Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler said somehing to the extent of "we
all play, smart is who knows it"

>the social game. They are
>selecting their character,
>just like in a videogame. When
>they go home, they may not be
>the same person with the same
>internal thoughts that would
>be necessary for the actions
>of their "character."

It's probably more of their real character than you think. I used to think like
that even in the first months of mASFing but now I've long realized that mASF
doesn't bring out some fantasy-PUA-figure in people. It helps you to develop
the REAL unsuppressed YOU that was just hiding deep within because of social
bullshit norms and locked up by the limiting belief that people hate you if you
break social norms.
In reality they admire you. Some love you for it, some react negatively because
of envy, but the latter too respect you like never before.

>I've had enough of the
> I don't know where
>to turn or what exactly I
>should do.

You should turn where you already are turning to
And just accept now that you see through the matrix that Disney lied. Women are
not higher beings who aim to save themselves for their soulmate and live
happily with him ever after ignoring all other men.
They want dick, yeah. No reason to hate them for it.

>Comments? I would love to hear
>some responses.

So here was one response. I well noticed that you were on here before me but I
had the feeling that still I could be helpful belief-system-wise.

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