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Hot Chicks interested... what next?

mASF post by n3rv1

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Hot Chicks interested... what next?
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mASF post by "n3rv1"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

Keep in mind chicks NEED dick. If you aren't willing to give it to her, she
WILL find another source.

Yeah yeah, you're "taking it slow," which is all fine and dandy if you are the
most attractive guy she knows, but as soon as some dude steps into her life who
is hotter than you, she is going to jump his bones so fast you won't be able to
say, "WTF?!"

In effect what you are doing is getting her sexually amped up, turned on, and
very high on herself. You're right, chicks LOVE it when you go nice and slow
and subjugate yourself to traditional dating frames. Just look at your buddy's
girlfriend preaching to you about how she wants you to be happy and NOT have
sex with this chick! Gimme a break!

Chicks get the sense that they are in control of the sex when you "take it
slow." This might work for you, like I said, until some other dude comes
along, takes all the pent-up sexual energy you've invested in her and uses it
to bend her over like a twig and give her the release she's dying for.


The choice is your's: either act and seal the deal, or risk someone else, like
maybe someone from this forum, coming along and doing it for you.

Slow seduction can be like pissing in the wind. If things change abruptly, at
the end of it all you'll find yourself with your dick in your hand and nothing
else but a piss stain on your leg.

This is man, keep that in mind at all times while reading and
posting here.

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