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My feelings on the world

mASF post by sanik

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My feelings on the world
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mASF post by "sanik"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

First off i'd like to say that i'm going to be covering a wide area of subjects
ill be typing as I go along, I feel that I have somthing coming that may or may
not be good, but hopefully it will make a difference to someone out there
someone who might need this, maybe someone like you?

My name is David Garmaise I am 16 years old as many of the guys around here
know. I have experianced a lot of difficulties in my short stay on this earth,
a lot of pain, a lot of heart ache a lot of things a kid should NEVER have to
be exposed to, but that is for another post.

This place... has helped me with girls but that was the least important thing
that I have discovered while I have been surfing this website, playing what we
call "the field" I have discovered myself.. or am in the process of finding out
how I feel about the world around me, about society, about deep stuff inside of
me stuff that I may have otherwise not have reflected on having not found this

Now that you know a little about me let me proceed onto the more juicy stuff in
this post...

What is life, what makes people genuinely happy to wake up in the morning, do
you have a reason to live?

I feel like I am living in a dream world, everything flows in a dream like
fashion for me I walk through this world feeling like I am living in a dream...
I watch people come and go, I walk down the streets of montreal, quebec, canada
and look at people, and think to myself.

Who are these people, how do they feel about their life, whats their names, do
they have a family, do they have people who love them, people who hate them,
perhaps people who depend on them to survive to fufill them spiritually and
emotionally... do they feel hole in their life is their anything they wish they
could do but are afraid to do, did they lose someone close to them, someone
they cared for and had a connection to?

all of these things are actually very important, how I see it is that people as
individuals are extremely selfish, they only care for themselves, and how the
fuck they feel.

From the guys I met in the community so far, they seem to be try hard, trying
to be somthing.. to dominate and control I guess it is a desire that they have
to have control over someone else, because they themselves have very little
control over their very own life... ironic isnt it?

Guys... this stuff goes deeper then pick up.. it is not just fucking girls,
that will make you happy YOU have to stop looking for external sources of
happiness. Money, Women, Clothes, Muscles, Designer furniture.. will NOT ever
make you happy.. they will not improve the quality of your life, only you can
do that.

We are fighting an internal battle, a battle of our very own thoughts and
feelings to discover oneself is to finally see things in a lucid state, to see
things clearly to be all knowing to see everything like are good old pal TylerD
puts it "A Blueprint"

"We don't have a great war in our generation, or a great depression, but we do,
we have a great war of the spirit. We have a great revolution against the
culture. The great depression is our lives. We have a spiritual depression."
-Fight Club

Chances are that.. you are DEPRESSED, yes you, you have came to in hopes of maybe finally finding fufuillment in your life by
fucking girls, by being the COOL GUY who all the chicks flock to... you are
masturbating your mind.

STOP and LISTEN to me right now.
STOP trying to be a PLAYER
STOP trying to be a K-rad Dewd
STOP surfing the world wide fucking web in search for answers in your life, NO
amount of text on your radiation glaring computer monitor will make you alive
(besides this one of course ;-p )
STOP making girls fundamentally important, they are not, they are people they
are no different then You, Me or anyone else, Learn to genuninely LOVE people
and show them real affection and emotion, instead of robotic scripted routines


(Credit to Tony Robbins for this)
You are sitting in your Rocking chair, your 80 years old and are reminiscing
back on your life, do you want to be the slimey pick up guy who cruised threw
the malls decked out in super fly peacock gear and a updated cheatsheet full of

Ok now Imagine this.
Your 80 years old your in your rocking chair, sitting by a warm toasty fire
reminiscing back on your life, a life full of achivements, experiances, endless
and endless stories of your adventures as a young man, a man who travled the
world, flew jet planes, climbed mountains saw your children grow and remember
the warmth of their smile that would melt your soul into a liquid form, your
kids grew and had grandkids... you had a goal oriented, purpose driven life.

Now what makes you happier... being the guy who had a closet full of dirty One
night stands leaving people emotionally unfufilled, or the guy who had many
AMAZING long term relationships with beautiful women, who you connected to who
made you smile when life seemed blue, who gave their all to you and trusted in

I definatley prefer the latter...

what i'm saying is.. DO not imprison yourself, PLEASE I BEG OF YOU.. I want
this for you, I really do.. I want every single fucking one of you guys to live
to see you, passionate about your life to the point where you woke up everyday
at six in the morning ready to take on the world.

I Order you, TO live NOW to change your lifestyle completely take the PAIN with
the PLEASURE swallow the bitterness and know that you will make it out alright,
you will be OK and in the end you will get what you truely desire...

TO be happy with yourself.

and that my brothers, is the only way to live.

- David Garmaise
Its never to late to live your life the time is now its Do or Die.

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