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Field Report: Strong AI, # close, but not much else

mASF post by sillywilly

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Field Report: Strong AI, # close, but not much else
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mASF post by "sillywilly"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Greetings fellow sex hounds. This is a mostly failed, beginner-level field
, but may be useful/fun reading nonetheless. I've not been much in the
field lately, so I'm relearning some old lessons. This week's lesson: keep your
eyes open to non-verbal cues, and ACT on them.

Scenario: I took a weekend trip to a city 5 hours away to visit a friend. The
next morning I'm exploring the city alone and go into a Starbuck's to grab some

I'm in a high chair in front of the large window overlooking the street. I'm
next to the door and hear someone entering so I glance backward to see. In
comes HBsleveless in a sleveless summer dress. She has something which looks
like a microphone in her hand, which catches my interest (it just turns out to
be a half-open parasol). Instinctively, I continue to track her with my eyes
until she walks behind me to the ordering counter, at which point I turn around
the other way to continue to look at her. I stare maybe 30 seconds and she
glances back at me for a second, seeing me staring. Direct EC, she broke
contact first. She looks back at the cashier. I look back out the window.

I munch my muffin and turn around again after a minute. She's still waiting in
line. I stare. She turns to me and makes EC. She quickly turns back to the
cashier, giggling slightly. DING DING DING! Nonverbal cue 1.

I turn back to munching my muffin but keep her in the corner of my eye. As
she's finishing ordering I again turn directly to her. She takes her tray from
the cashier, then turns her head back to look directly at me, grinning coyly,
and NODS ever-so-slightly to me. She walks to the other side of the cafe and
sits at a table alone, her back to me.

"Three seconds." I heard ASF's sage words nagging at my head. "Act within three
seconds, dumbfuck!" was what my mind was yelling at me. By now ten seconds had
passed. I finished chewing my muffin. What should I do? What should I do?
Should I just bring my tray and luggage to her table? Twenty seconds had
passed. No, I will approach with no tray and no luggage. Thirty seconds passed.

I stand up and calmly walk to her table. I stand in front of her. She's focused
on her cell phone writing a text message. She glances up from her cellphone at
my waist. She realizes it's me. She turns her head up to make EC. She has a
slight look of unbelieving awe on her face, most likely because she's not used
to PUA's walking up and taking her up on her non-verbal AI's.

I pause.

Me: "Do you speak English?" I asked with a smile. (I'm in a
non-English-speaking country and can't yet sarge in the local language.)

Her: "A little." She is smiling broadly.

Me: "Do you mind if I join you?" Maybe this was weak, asking permission, but in
the circumstances it seemed ok.

Her: "Well.." smiling but hesitating. "I am meeting my friend at 11:00."

Me: "That gives us 20 minutes. Wait here."

She closed her cellphone, I went to get my luggage and tray from my table, and
sat down.

Me: "I love meeting new people." MAJOR ERROR. I was purposely weakening my
stance, which was stupid. By saying that I love meeting new people, I was
trying to explain or justify my behavior to her (walking up to a stranger).
This was bad. I should have sent a clearer SOI by starting with something like
"Your eyes tell me that you are an interesting person (that I want to fuck)."

Anyway, then we fluff and I fucking spill my guts telling her my whole life
story. I wanted to generate as much interest as possible in 20 minutes bit I
think I already gave away my best secrets so I will have trouble being a man of
mystery in the future. No kino, she's sitting across from me.

Close by getting her name and number. Light kino on her hand as I verify my
contact info in her cell phone. Then her (female) friend comes in, she
introduces us briefly, and I get her friend to take a picture of me and the HB
together. HB and friend then go off to do whatever girls do together on a
Saturday morning.

We exchange a few short e-mails every few days. I tried to move into a more
sexual frame. I said her eyes were powerful and that we have to meet again.

She writes back, "yes we should keep in touch."

Some days later I write, "Hey I'm in McD's now so I thought I'd write you. When
are you coming to visit me? Also send me a picture of you from your cell phone
so I don't forget your smiling face. If you send me a photo then I'll send you
one, too."

She writes "I'm waiting for my boyfriend now. He's always late!" Shit test. I
can't think of anything I said to provoke this directly, so she must just be
throwing some shit my way to see what happens.

I write back immediately, "Too bad I'm not there right now, you wouldn't be
bored and waiting. Let me know when you have summer vacation so we can meet.
P.S. You forgot to send me the photo!"

No answer. Next day I write "I'm still waiting for that photo you promised me!"

That night she writes "I'm going on summer vacation with my boyfriend next
week. After that I can send you a photo. I want to introduce him to you!"

More shit testing, or I have utterly failed to make my SOI clear.

Next morning I write, "I want to meet you again, not your friend. You and I
didn't have much time last time, so we need some time one-on-one to get to know
each other better. Let me know when you can come visit me. And don't forget the

So I consider this a mostly lost cause because she's 5 hours away and I had
only one fairly good interaction with her, which is probably fading rapidly
from her (and frankly, also my) memory.

Anyway, the main lesson is that I saw a strong nonverbal AI and acted on it.
And the results, though still inconclusive, were positive. Watch for those

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