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Opening “10‘s” Successfully - Reply to Legion5

mASF post by manuva

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Opening “10‘s” Successfully - Reply to Legion5
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mASF post by "manuva"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Typed out a response to Legion5's 'Dealing with up front social value
discrepancy', then I figured it may get buried with all the other replies. So
I'm gonna post it here and let everyone read it cuz it's a pretty handy way to
do it. And cuz I'm an arrogant wanker.

A month or two back I picked up a chick who was 5'11.5" tall, blonde hair, blue
eyes and a model, specialising in arse-and-legs type modelling. She was a 9.5
(there is no such thing as a 10! When will you guys realise that?? YOU'RE the
10!!) which is the highest rating I will ever give a girl. Except maybe
Angelina Jolie. She'd be at least a 9.75. I digress.

This is not the first high-end girl I've picked up. This is not a field report.
This an instance where my game for approaching high-end chicks (successful
model types, not the try hard model types) came together beautifully, and I
believe its a pretty good example of dealing with the so-called 'Social Value
Discrepancy', and making a high-end girl acknowledge you as an equal more or
less instantly.


Packed nightclub. Huge dancefloor, (2-300 ppl), a young crowd (18-24) and a
pretty hot ticket on the weekend. For you guys from Melbourne, I'm talking
about BillBoards.

I was talking with a mate at the bar, ironically enough about taller girls and
how difficult it is for their bodies to look proportionate-yet-attractive for
their height. Then tall-model (Chloe) walks past with friends. I give a casual
nod to my mate and tell him there's a chick who's got the perfect proportions
and height. We ignore her and go on chatting.

Later I'm looking at the dancefloor. Chloe is in the middle of it with guys
packed around her, all of them attempting the
thing. Tossers.

I decide its time she met me, and walk down the two steps onto the floor,
cutting through the crowd and approaching her. I pause about 2 metres away from
her (she can't see me yet), quickly analyse the scene and estimate prolly 12-15
guys are pathetically trying to get her attention, dancing near her and not
even talking to her. Again, tossers.

She is not dancing, she is more or less standing behind her two friends who are
trying to get closer to the front of stage but it's too busy, so the group is
more or less stationary.

I walk up and stand beside her, my right shoulder next to her left shoulder,
very non-confronting body language. I pause, lean slightly forward and across
her front in a casual "waiting for the bus, wondering what time it will get
here" type motion. This also means I enter her peripheral vision and don't
surprise her when I start talking.

I lean over and state:

M: "They're like leeches, aren't they?"

She looks across at me.


M: Them (nodding at the dozen or more guys I've had to push through to talk to

Chloe: Yes (laughs).

*** For those that don't appreciate the genius of this opener, look at the
wording. THEY (I'm not one of them) are like leeches, aren't THEY (reinforcing,
I'm not one of them).

Chloe: Yes (THEY are; acknowledging I'm not one of them)

Instantly I'm not one of them. Cool.

Manuva: I wonder what they're after.
[Why would they be interested in you - I'm not impressed by your looks]

Chloe: I'm not sure

(pause, appear like I'm pondering it)

M: They must know something I don't. Do you give good back rubs or something?
(she laughs) Are you rich? (she laughs) I know, you must be a great

Chloe: (still laughing) No. I don't know.

M: Hmm. Well are you interesting?

C: What you mean?

M: I mean are you interesting? Are you worth talking to, despite not being a
good listener?

C: Yes! I am! (laughing)
[Oh, qualify yourself to me baby. She's now trying to impress me. Excellent.]

M: (looking suspicious) Why? What do you do thats so interesting?

C: Well I'm a model, and I study part-time.

M: [Ignoring the bait] What do you study?

C: Blah blah (computers or economics or something)

M: (horrified) Thats not interesting! Thats boring!

C: (she's laughing hard, and taken a step or two back in mock-offense) Well I'm
a model too. [Repeating her qualifying thingy, she's keen to impress.
Advantage: manuva.]

M: What, like a hand-model? (Line from David D? Not sure, but great line
whoever coined it)

C: (laughing but indignant, and miffed I'm not too impressed. Again, great
line.) No, a whole body model. TV ads, catelogue's, billboards and stuff.

M: Hmm... well I spose you have the height for it... but you've prolly got 6
inch heels on. (David D again? Another classic)

C: No! I'm yada yada tall etc etc. See?

[The chick lifts her leg up in an attempt to prove me wrong. She's in jeans
unfortunately hehe.]

*** From here it was standard game. I didn't need anything special after that
because she was hooked and very keen to impress me.

I couldn't hear her name properly over the music (of course, she volunteered
it. We never ask for names, do we lads?) so I took out my mobile phone and had
her punch her name into it. We communicated back and forth via my phone because
I couldn't really be bothered talking over the music anymore. Also its a great
prop, and very easy to go from her writing words in it to her writing her phone
number in it. Which she did.

Her friends dragged her away soon after that, which didn't really bother me.
Never hang around like a bad smell. Be scarce, like a breath of fresh air.

Also, body language was always subtle and unintrusive, giving the impression I
was watching the DJ and she just happened to be standing next to me.

A great deal of my body language is in my face. Expecially the eyebrows. Often
after a girl says something, particularly something to qualify herself, I'll
look her in the eye and raise my eyebrows just slightly, as if I've caught her
trying to impress me and am trying to hide my amusement. Facial expressions can
communicate a hell of a lot, and a chick will more often be looking at your
face than your body. Yes, I know she'll perceive your body language even if
she's not looking at it directly, and I know BL is important, but I communicate
a lot of unspoken things with my face and eyebrows - suspicion, amusement, the
shifty eye thing (from the simpsons hehe), surprise etc etc. Most of it without
saying a thing. It works very well.

So thats it. It's a long post cos I wanted to communicate every nuance that was
important. This is a good example of opening the mythical 10 and not getting
blown out - I threw everything in my arsenal at her to make her qualify
herself, and within seconds SHE was trying to impress ME. Of course, it doesn't
always work in such a text book manner, and often you'll need to reassess and
change tack, but this is a personal example of everything falling into place
and eliminating 'Social Value Discrepancy.'

Cool, found the edit button.

This was also amusing:

Her last words to me after I kissed her and we parted ways, were

C: "So you'll call me on Monday,right?"

M: (Without even pausing) Nah I'm busy on Monday. (Grinning at her cos we both
knew I could find time for a 3 minute phone call at some point during the day.
It was a lame attempt to gain some power back in the exchange we'd just had,
and I slashed it to pieces instantly. She was left with no power at all.)

I called her on Wednesday.

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