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mASF post by enigma_crux

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mASF post by "enigma_crux"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005


This came to me on the spot while sarging with my main wing Denis behind the
main NYPL small park in 42nd. My main focus now is not street approaching since
I have other plans and I am working my way up the ladder. This is very simple,
but it works and it gets you in a conversation. I can imagine the super natural
of the 1920s using this to find out where the boxing ring or the hot jazz venue

“Hey guys… [pause]… We are new to the New York experience. We just got here
yesterday from Boston and we are psyched… Are there any rules or advice you can
give us when it comes to meeting new people here in the city… (Response) We
want to meet new people. Specially hot and sexy women… With enough of those
women in your social circle, and you can take over the world…”

Blah, blah, blah… I am in set. I have a conversation going and I can transition
into A1 and use c&f. I would love any good suggestions as to more options to
transition into A1. So far I have been busting on them about how they are
dressed or their responses. “Say that again… I can’t hear you… You are dressed
too loud…” Another one that is just killer is to ask for directions. Even if
you KNOW where you are going. Ask girls where the destination you already know
how to get to is… I watched my friend Israel do this as we were moving to
Washington Square and it blew my mind. He was asking every single couple that
passes by where Washington Square Park is… By the way, if you don’t want to buy
more cigarettes and want to save some money, ask every single person you see
smoking for a cigarette. Israel had like 20 by the end of the night. A good
opener… I can’t use it though. I don’t smoke. Ha… More on this later.

I opened a woman in her mid thirties like this yesterday while transporting.
“Wow… You look like a character from a terminator movie or something with those
glasses (She was wearing a wicked intimidating pair of dark glasses.” We talked
about that for about three minutes and I made made by telling how intimidated
and scared I was due to the glasses. Cut the thread, not as a technique, but
because I wanted to return to my music. But when I put my headphones back on
and was playing… I said to myself… Dude, what are you doing???... Pratice
motherfucker, practice… So I asked her if she knew about Prospect Park and
where it was, and that I’ve been in the city for only a week and I am
originally from San Jose, CA… Talked about Palmieri’s show and from there
transitioned into conform with a weak attraction phase. But it was all good… We
talked about rock and how much we love Zeppelin and Hendrix. She even told me
about this freak show gathering that takes place every year in the states
called Rainbow… Rainbow family…… Coolsville… One fucking huge
pointer about approaching and opening sets in the last few days… As soon as
something crosses your mind, say it to the girl… Whatever it is… David X says
that your best pick-up line is inside your head. This probably led me into
making these observations. I love that old bastard. Don’t be afraid to cut your
threads. This woman did it twice and I felt the need to go back to the previous
conversation but decided to let go instead. This is what inhibition is all
This is super fun. That same night I was hanging with my friend Israel he was
carrying around a bright orange watergun with him. At first, I didn’t
understand and even made fun of him. But the fucker was opening sets left and
right with this thing. He would sneak up on them and point his ridiculous
watergun at them and start with the context of “you have been a naughty girl,
you are under arrest, surrender and I won’t have to use force.” I am already
sneaking alcoholic drinks I prepared home with a flask. Bringing my drinks in
the watergun is the next level.

That was a fun night. I sang from the top of my lungs to The Rapture “House Of
Jelaous Lovers” as we cruised the streets and stopped only to sarge. Our main
reason out that night was to see how loud we can play music on either Union
Square or Washington Square Park late at night. We are throwing massive trance
raves on a weekly basis. So I brought a small amp and my iPod on my bookbag.
Well, the test was successful. We got a summons from the cops. We are on the
look for other places. It looks like Brighton Beach would make the perfect

Israel is one of the coolest dudes I’ve met. An outrageous peacock. He makes
Mystery look like an Amish boy. I always learn something new every time I meet
him. He is quite the social wild party firestarter duck. A former Mystery
student, his main flaw is that his pick-up has no structure. He improvises
everything and as a result a lot of times ends up being perceived as a cool
friendly guy instead of a lover. Moving on, we talked that night about his time
spent with another wing and how much of an asshole this dude turned out to be.
Even to him… This is the main reason why we move into conform, he said. At
first he was funny, but then it was just annoying and exasperating. And he was
so money. At one point he even bursted into an emotional rage and told me to
stop because I was doing the same thing… I am like dude, you don’t have to be
such a pussy. Guys mostly remain in A1. To which he responded, that’s bullshit.
I don’t want this from you. I get this shit at home. Stop.

Later that night at around 5:00am we were talking to all the people outside of
bars in the Village being kicked out due to closing time. Nothing worth
mentioning. We even teamed up with this Mexican ace who was leaving to Mexico
the next day…

And finally… Me and my main wing have made a lot of fun to the outburst that my
vagina post created. I have been using it hardcore to open sets and when I
delivered it with a playful detached manner it opens. No biggie… You can use
this as a quote too for those into SS. I love that word “vagina.” It is so
terminal and bookish. It will definitely drop people’s jaw when you say it
randomly. I am even thinking of doing an opener with something along the lines
of. “Do you know what the word vagina means… (Start talking in Spanish)… I just
started learning English and I don’t know… Can you tell me…” enigma_crux

Name: Andy Rodriguez
Nicknames: enigma_crux, Enigma???, enigmatic_id, little peacock joe, Sleazy
Nick, camouflaged jimmy, A1010195, Dying New Yorker
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