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mASF post by PlayerSupreme

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mASF post by "PlayerSupreme"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/23/05 6:44:00 PM, quitesomebody wrote:
>like i said:
>>>what i think about all these
>>>"what is alpha" posts: when a
>>>man describes a 'true alpha'
>>>or a 'real man', he is
>>>describing HIMSELF. the man
>>>he believes himself to be, or
>>>the man he pretends to be, or
>>>the man he is in his finest

Have I said I was an alpha directly on any of my posts? NO. I only described
how others who know me personally see me. Not once have I said "I am alpha
male and fuck all you lesser males" and then beat my chest!

>in your case, it seems like
>you're describing the man you
>pretend to be. it's a front,
>it's an act, and it's not a
>particularly attractive act
>after all - what IS your
>point, playersupreme? you
>make a very valid point that
>all the "how to be an alpha"
>formulas on this site have a
>HUGE potential of biting
>people in the ass,

Ok it seems your arguing for the sake of your own public image here. You just
stated my point back to me. But you acted like you didn't get it earlier.
Hmmmm...ok foo.

>particularly people whose big
>pickup problem is that they
>haven't developed good social
>skills. or people who don't
>take what's said with a grain
>of salt and calibrate it to
>actually fit the cultural
>realities of where they are
>sarging and who they are
>sarging around. actions
>derive their meanings from who
>does them, where, and to whom.
>but the way in which you
>present that point is so
>swaggering, so
>beat-my-chest-ish, that you're
>undermining your message. you
>sound like you're just trying
>to amog everyone on this

Awwww does my style scare ya lilly white panties off ya??? I'm so sorry little
girl. I will try not to be so real and maybe as I said try to pretend to be a
nice guy...NOT! Bitch I don't care if my style offends you. You and I will
never in this life time meet. When you fix what ever the fuck is wrong with
you, you will disappear from these sites.

I will still be helping young men become real men. Maybe if you paid a bit
more attention to your husband you might have a better marriage and maybe get
lucky and do as a real woman should by having a few children to give back to
the universe.

I know I know children frighten you. The thought of actually having
responsibility scares ya...grow up bitch.
>and THAT is the problem, THAT
>is why i'm failing to take you
>seriously. where i come from,
>alphas don't NEED to be
>aggressive and beat their

Ahhh I don't think you have ever met any alphas in the world of acedemia there
quiet. I seriously doubt any would even give you a 2nd look either!

Soooooo uhhhh yeaaahhhh!! You know...
as a matter of fact -
>aggression and chest beating
>are a clear give-away that
>this person is NOT as dominant
>and confident as they'd like
>everyone to think. it's a
>sign that they're feeling
>threatened. and the fact that
>you felt threatened by ME, and
>then went on the attack,
>trying to amog a GIRL - is
>that considered manly behavior
>where you come from?

Excuuuuusssseee me??? I do believe it was you who stepped into my thread
talking out the side of ya neck girl. You think cause you have a few suckers
on this forum into you that you got some kinda power here to speak???

Your a bigger fool than your old ass sounds. Just think another year has
passed since sosuave and you have a few more wrinkles on your face. Your
looking more and more like the real nerd that you are each and everyday.

No wonder you come back in here all the time for a moment of (actually hours
of) validation from the suckers you pimp on in the chat room.

You don't give good advice. Your advice is mediocre at best. Your problem is
that you see from a womans point of view on situations. I've seen you spitting
advice to chumps who would listen and could only shake my head.

But I left you alone. I gave you your meager respect. Until now. What you
shoulda done was kept ya yap shut. I have no idea what the fuck your talking
about with that amog comment. You don't belong here woman. Your a fuggin joke
on this site. Your not a man. WTF are you coming from with AMOG??? No it's
called BITCH SLAP!

Your what's called a faggot in my world. That reffers to a female who trys to
act like a male and will not take direction.

No wonder you out there trolling for a fuck when your husband isn't around then
coming in here bragging about it to the suckers who will listen and wack of
while you excite their weak minds over your field reports in the chat room.

Again grow up bitch!

>around here, it sure ain't. a
>girl shit tests you like i was
>doing, you IGNORE HER. or
>shut her up by saying
>something she was not at all
>expecting and then going on
>with the REAL conversation.
>or whatever. not launch a
>massive frontal attack. i
>must have gotten under your

((sigh)) around here? and around here is the right way to do things. Look
around fool. These guys can't even get a fuggin date. That's why there are
folks like me giving them them the real scoop. No you don't speak for this
site woman. Your place is to keep shut until a man asks you a question. YOU

In my world when a bitch mouths off to shut her ass down by any means
necessary, otherwise it's reffered to as "LEAKING GAME". Once you start
letting women talk shit to you in one area of your life you will allow it in
other areas...I don't know how much you know about zen ideas but the way you do
one thing is the way you do everything.

I am as I am. If any bitch in my life smarts off to me, I put her back in her
place. You forget I am not one of these pussy assed white boys who let their
women talk shit to them.


>>I showed you respect in the chat room
>>and your the one who chose this path.
>actually, i do remember the
>first time i met you in the
>chat. you bragged about being
>a pimp and tried to tell me
>how my place was to be one of
>the whores in your stable.

No someone asked me and I stated my past. You and I were not agreeing on
something and I talked shit to you and said you could be one of my ho's. If
you took me seriously then that is your fault. I see it must of bugged you
since you recall the event huh?

I didn't brag about my past. You can even see my posts at sosymp stating that
I wasn't proud of my past but it was a life lesson for me.

>you got off on a VERY wrong
>foot with me, and i haven't
>taken you seriously as a human
>being since.

As if this matters one inch with me. NO it is YOU whom I don't take seriously.
I knew your number when we met. I read you like a cheap dime store novel.
It's plainly obvious why you come here to me.

you're educated,
>intelligent, personally
>successful, and grown up -

Now your trying to give me compliments? As if I give a dam?

>you do not act like it on this
>site. you act and post like a
>17 year old wannabe nigger
>punk. grow up.

Uh used the N I really must be getting up into your head.
Pushin your little buttons huh. He who breaks first looses.
>>>Julie : you make me crazy
>>>metaphysikal_lover: how so
>>>Julie : I crave what I feel when I am
>>>with you
>>>Julie : CRAVE
>>>Julie : extreme
>>>Julie : Passion
>(my evaluation:)
>>nice programming, Julie. hats off to
>>you, whomever you are. your audience
>>clearly ate it up, and has gotten
>>addicted to it too.
>i still stand by that
>evaluation. her im's to you
>are CLASSIC nlp.

Once again your talking out the side of your neck. You don't see my classic
nlp convo to her to create this:

metaphysikal_lover: it's our connection julie
metaphysikal_lover: energy feeding back and forth
metaphysikal_lover: from me to you
metaphysikal_lover: you to me
Julie : I have never felt it before now
metaphysikal_lover: I've ruined you
Julie : it's the way you look in my eyes and kiss me
Julie : I will always search for
metaphysikal_lover: do I have to say it again

julieateel: I wanna cum baby
zenmack: thinking and fantasizing about having you under me
julieateel: I did not get to this weekend
zenmack: awww
zenmack: poo baby
zenmack: Daddy will make you cum
julieateel: only you make me cum baby
zenmack: I will put you under me
zenmack: and touch you and make love to you
zenmack: kiss you
zenmack: and suck on your titties
zenmack: put it deep
zenmack: and slow
zenmack: and fast
julieateel: you are makin me wet
zenmack: and hard
zenmack: stroke you
zenmack: squeeze you
zenmack: kiss you
zenmack: suck on you
zenmack: until you cum on my big assed dick

As for me knowing about whom she fucks I know everything that goes on in my
womens lives. I even make them give me their IM convo's to look at:

metaphysikal_lover: so what is this new guys name
julie : Sidney
metaphysikal_lover: yeah ok
metaphysikal_lover: he does seem like a nice man
julie : he loves me Chris
metaphysikal_lover: ok
metaphysikal_lover: that is a good man
julie : he calls everyday...morning and night

julie: I am leaving him messages to call me back. Please don't do anything
else, I don't want to give Tanya any more wepons...and if it was her, she is a
miserable woman and you need ot drop that shit before she ruins your life!

(this was when tanya broke into my email account and emailed several of my
girls including julie...and they are all still on my team except robin who is
beggin to be back on!)

julie: What is going on Sidney?????

(I will save this symp the dignity of not printing his screen name as he is
begging for my womans attention)

I don't want to give up...I feel too much disconnection...It's killing me! My
heart is breaking! PLease PLease PLease let me know that you are alright...just
let me know baby and I will leave you alone if you want me to....I am feeling
quite desperate right now...I can't help myself! I am so worried!!!!! I
understand if you just need space...just let me know something! It is strait up
mean not to call me back and I don't deserve that! You have jumped to
conclusions and I did not have the chance to explain anything to you. I was at
work and had ppl in the office when you called. PLease lets talk about this!

Now above Julie mentioned my other girl Tanya as proof her her existance:

Tanya [6:11 PM]: i beg to differ with you with great respect
Tanya [6:11 PM]: you are the only person in my life...
Tanya [6:11 PM]: where i have truely felt your joy, pain, love, and
Tanya [6:12 PM]: from one end of te world to the next
Tanya [6:12 PM]: the
Tanya [6:12 PM]: till the day i die
Tanya [6:12 PM]: i will never feel that again

she's using
>it skillfully too, using
>emotionally and sexually
>charged words with good
>pacing, projecting emotion
>onto herself while producing
>it in you. she's exaggerating
>the effect you have on her in
>order to produce a desire in
>YOU to affect her in that way

Uhhhh yeah sure fool. You just played yourself here. You should of left this
one alone. You know this don't ya. I wouldn't of set it up if I didn't have

metaphysikal_lover (10:44:21 PM):
julie (10:44:24 PM): I am addicted
julie (10:44:27 PM): lol
julie (10:44:30 PM): hooked
metaphysikal_lover (10:54:56 PM): wed
julie (10:55:00 PM): Wed is good
metaphysikal_lover (10:55:01 PM): ok
metaphysikal_lover (10:55:03 PM): sold
metaphysikal_lover (10:55:06 PM): to the finest bidder
julie (10:55:11 PM): I can't wait!

Bwahahahaha...I wish I could see the look on your face. I have women begging
me to come and fuck them. Not the other way around. I told ya I was the real
thing fool. You didn't believe me.

I guess I should start posting more of my life on here....NOT. I don't care to
let others into my life anymore. I don't need to brag about my shit. I only
need it to show that magical word called "PROOF".

>EVERYONE is addicted to
>attention. EVERYONE has an
>affective response when they
>feel like they're affecting
>men exploit women's weaknesses
>to get us into bed. women
>exploit men's weaknesses to
>get you BACK into bed. we lie
>through our TEETH after we've
>fucked a guy to get him to
>come back, talking about how
>you made us feel and how you
>were the best or the biggest
>or whatever. when the truth
>is, you were just refuckable
>and we want to hit that shit
>again rather than dealing with
>all the bullshit of finding
>someone new to fuck. and we
>want you to fuck us the best
>you know how. best way to get
>a guy to do that: feed his
>ego. let him know how good it
>is (even if it's just average
>- amazingly enough, ONE moan
>from a woman can get a guy to
>go from a boring fuck to a
>really passionate intense
>one!). give him a bunch of
>lines about how great he was
>or how special or how good he
>made ya feel, and make him
>feel special. he craves
>emotions and attention; feed

((SIGH)), maybe in yourlife it is this way. As I said you've never met the real
thing before. In my life it doesn't even exist that way:

Julie (10:00:54 PM): Damn it C....I can't stop thinkin of you...I can't stop
craving you...what have you done to me?

Being with you today made me feel so many things.
Revived, recharged, rejuvenated, refreshed, fulfilled, content, adored, loved,
desired, obsessed, surrendered, consumed, passion!
I feel so full of you. You are still inside me. In my mind, heart, body, my
soul, even as I write this. When I am with you, a SUPERNATURAL thing happens to
me that I can't explain. I know that I could literally die in your arms and
would not even care...that is how powerful this is. I lose my mind to
you..actually, I give it to you along with everything in me. I can completely
surrender to you as I have never been able to do ever in my life. You are
inside my head. I love and crave what I feel when we are in each others
presents...almost to the point that I am afraid I can't live with out it. Now I
am sounding like a crazy person. I have always been the one in control but with
you, I am surrendered. I want so badly to give in to you, yet I am afraid. I
want to run but I can't.
Do you feel me Chris? This is a very powerful thing between us!
I can still breathe your air right now...I can still feel you in me.

or how about this:

Robin angry words:

Sweetheart (5/7/2005 11:13:20 PM): You fucked with my head and my heart.
Sweetheart (5/7/2005 11:12:26 PM): I hate the fact that i can not stop
thinking of you and missing the time that we did hang out.

Sweetheart (5/17/2005 7:29:31 AM): i just wanted to add....... i thought V was
a looser. YOU have topped him 1000X more. He was way more of a man than you
will ever think of being. Have a nice life. I hate you!!!!!!!!

And I think above I just posted today how she is asking for me again. Scroll

I'm the real thing bitch! Get over it and get over yaself. Your just not that
important. I do wish you would say "why am I qualifying myself to you" I
already have my answer programmed out. Recall me saying today this is chess
not checkers?

>>She has tried seeing other men only to end
>>up disappointed. And of course I have
>>proof of this in our IM convo, if I
>>wanted to dig it up from the archives.
>>But just take my word for it. I'm like
>>a fuggin drug one hit and your addicted.
>rotflmao like i said, GOOD

Yes poor thing. Looking for what I created in her and as you have read above
in HER own words not finding it...
>you are taking her word for
>it, eh? i bet you take ALL
>the women's word for it.

Once again you end up looking stupid. As you have seen above I made her send
me the other guys words. He was typing to her as I was chatting with her
online. The poor sucker is a rich clothing designer. Hugely wealthy!! But a
symp to women. And he has a big assed dick almost larger than my own!!

>they're telling you what you
>want to hear, so you believe
>them and eat up every word
>they say. god's gift to
>women. yep. and you're the
>only one they've ever felt
>this way with, or used these
>lines on. yep.
>you know what? you SHOULD post
>these im's from julie. i
>might learn something. i've
>been working on being honest
>and open and
>low-emotion-drama, but she's
>clearly pushing some buttons
>in you that are making you
>feel like a man and are
>getting you ALL worked up.
Well I just did. Maybe you can learn how to be a real woman from them Let me
publish some more entries from others also:

metaphysikal_lover: exactly
metaphysikal_lover: I was searching for the right connection
metaphysikal_lover: that I felt with you
metaphysikal_lover: I couldn't settle for less
metaphysikal_lover: after being with tanya I wanted something of the same
metaphysikal_lover: and you and I had it
metaphysikal_lover: which is why I was rejecting all the others
julie : remember how you would tell me you wanted me to be your woman
metaphysikal_lover: yes
julie : and how you were giving me your soul

Again who is pimping who's mind fool?

And looky hurr:

Daddy. i
am so alive, so excited, so full of the promise of you. i would very
like to do, is read everything you have given me to read... prep for
today, its important to me and i cannot do that at work. May i have
permission to not go in to work? to study and ready myself for my
bwahahahaha...from one of your sister jewish educated girls! The new one that
I met in Reno 2 weeks ago and fucked in all of her holes over 2 days!

Now you get a life Quiet or whatever your name is!!!

Get off the internet. Go take care of your husband like a good wife should!!!

>*Everybody's playing the game,
>but nobody's rules are the

Oh here is robins today IM convo so you can learn how to be a good girl for
your Daddy:

robin :
robin : do you think that i wil ever see you again
robin : we can just do drinks at Zebra bar on night
zenmack: maybe
robin : ok
robin : just email me i guess
robin : you still have that ritht
robin : right

She got fired for disobeying me. I told her not to talk to a certain couple at
a night club she went to and she did anyways as I knew she would....sometimes
you gotta train you bitches the hard way! I told ya I am the eviliest man you
will hope never to meet!

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