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USA: I‘m back ~~ Friday Night fun for SHBs

mASF post by Outrageous

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USA: I‘m back ~~ Friday Night fun for SHBs
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mASF post by "Outrageous"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Back from Russia, not many other field reports from there worth mentioning. I’m
glad to be back and gaming in English!

I went out last night to O Bar with a couple of friends. It was a slightly
ritzier place with more expensive admission and drinks, but the quality and
quantity of the women is much greater. I think it is worth it to go to these
kinds of establishments because of the sheer ratio of SHBs all around. It’s my
intention to bring my income to a level where I can easily afford going out and
generously having as many drinks as I would want at more high end places like

Anyway, I had a great night full of positive responses. There we’re a small
percentage of not-cooperative responses, but they slipped off my back. It’s
obvious that the more sets you open, the greater you un-phase-ability
(resiliency.) I’m finding that in the large majority of cases, SHBs are just as
easy to run sets with as 7’s and 8’s.

Mentionable set #1

I opened a SHB girl who was leaning against the wall outside. She was a
brunette with a hot face and these giant bulging juggs trying to get out of her
tight white shirt. I told her to think of the guys she has really felt a
chemistry with in her life. As she was doing this and looking at me; I asked
her of those guys have tended to be pretty open and accepting of most things or
if they had been picky. She said whatever she said (blah blah blah), I asked
her if she ever caught herself talking to herself. She said whatever she did, I
did a couple of cold readings on her personality and she was hooked. Flirty,
very sparingly a tease and kino 10-15 minutes of this stuff .

I asked her where her girlfriends where and she told me she was here with a
male friend. Then she went into this elaborate display about how much this guy
was like a friend, brother. Just a friend. Great friend. Friends forever. Blah
blah blah. She went a little overboard of making this message quite clear to
me. I got it the first time. I did a fun kino game which had us holding hands.
Then I was up close to her body and in her face, with my hands holding her arms
to her sides, playing with her hair, and her responding by touching me as well. The buying signs we’re ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Eventually her buddy shows up, and she goes through the “we’re such best
friends” thing again…The guy seemed like a nice guy who wanted to get with her,
but not enough to be a CB on me. So it’s warm outside, I’m thirsty and I grab
the girls hand and say, let’s go inside. The girl’s buddy is within 2 feet from
us, and he comes with us. Once inside, I am thirsty and have already spent my
dough. This is where the set falls apart. I tell her “I’m thirsty.” and to “Buy
me a beer.”

She was shocked! She told me she wouldn’t and she shouldn’t have to buy me a
drink. She seemed upset that I had this notion. Well, I laughed at her and
asked her if that was her first time to hear such a concept. She said yes, and
I ejected. Probably not the best tactic in taking the set to the next level.

Mentionable Set #2

I opened up a hot two set of these HB Latin girls. One of the girls was a super
hottie who looked half Asian half Latin, the other was cute with full to
bursting knockers. I like.

I opened again with the picky opener, some conversation about that, Talk to
Themselves routine, Best Friends, and we’re off to the races.

I am kino-ing both of these girls at the same time and they’re loving it. I’m
stroking these girls hair smacking ass and they’re buying temperatures are

I get the feeling that I need to be picking one of the girls to target. This
has been a somewhat consistent sticking point of mine. Sometimes I want them
both (or all of them) and this often times has lead to me to enjoying neither.
I do think it is possible to pull two girls at a time and escalate both, and
this idea was flowing through my thoughts when they are both rubbing up and
down my body, touching my arms, my chest, trying to lift of my shirt and feel
my abs.

I have both of the girls in my force field bubble. They feel protected and
safe. The girls are in my world and are getting hot as we all touch.

Again the idea comes to me that I need to CHOOSE ONE. I don’t. I say I’m
thirsty and going to get a drink. The bubble pops.

What is my issue with this choosing one SP? I seem to get into these great hot
situations with groups of women, but because I don’t want to choose, I have
gone home alone numerous times. The majority of my success in nightclub/bar
environment has been with girls who are on there own or who decidedly extract
themselves from their group. This choosing issue, I know is a simple thing, but
I often struggle to bring myself to do it. I must overcome this SP and know
there is lots of success in store for me when I do.

What is there to do when both of the HBs are hot for you and all over you’re
nuts? How are you supposed to choose one in this situation? Or is it the best
method for me to have extracted both?

Now that I think of it, I would consider this set one of those where I should
have extracted both.

Though in the case of the many of my upcoming 2-3 sets of girls, I will plough
through, plunge forward, and begin to SOI my target.




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