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*3 sarging evils*


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*3 sarging evils*
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

1. Accomplishment without sacrifice:

when you accomplish a lay without sacrifice( i.e without a solid game or simply
because of your massive sp i.e celebrity status or wealth), for the really
lucky ones I call this the evil that will give you wrong hope as once those
things are gone, you'll have no game to rely on and no sarging skills. I'm
HAPPY i'm learning from my mistakes and i'm getting to know different ways that
dont work, like edison.

2. Happiness without conscience:

Ok, i know i could be flamed on this one but i believe true happiness comes
from when you have run a seduction process( and you know you have) without
fools mate and gotten a quality girl, who every guy cannot get( reason i'm
saying this is because i know of this girl who has slept with 11 guys in 3
months, and half are afc's. clearly she is just lose, but is it true pua? Does
that one make you a successful pua? NO. That is why we prefer diamond over
copper and aluminium. it is rear. Make your game so solid that you get A1 high
status quality girls who will INCREASE your quality of ONS, MLTR'S .

3. Knowledge without character:

This is for all those idiots who flame masf with the intention of marketing.
They will give you a small clue and leave you misunderstood so that you can buy
their product. They have the knowledge but no masf spirit of helping out. Also
this applies to people who have practiced alot, know the game are succeessful,
but want to see themselves over everyone and dont want to share techniques.

This is what my opinion is, i may be wrong! I am going alittle crazy after i
got a lesbian shock on my bday:p..haha just kidding!

Best regards
... Aphrodisiac

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