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Sexual state vs. high-energy

mASF post by TheGame

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Sexual state vs. high-energy
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mASF post by "TheGame»"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I think it mostly has to do with what you're like naturally. I'm naturally
back and chilled out, and before i got into asf and was going out and getting
laid by chance, I was still in sales and wore totally pimp James Bond style
suits and combined with my laid back personality it really worked to get me
lots of fools mate lays without any game.

Then I started actually working on my game and tried a lot of high-energy
stuff, it does work with the right gameplan and in high energy venues like
clubs but I still do best with the intense sexual state so I do that more than
high-energy now. Granted I must still be loud high-energy to open in a club
but transitioning to the intense sexual state gets me fastest results.

So in all I think it's more about who you are. If the intense sexual state
works better for you than high-energy than that's who you are and stick with

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