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Rethinking Fool‘s Mate

mASF post by Tokyopua

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Rethinking Fool‘s Mate
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mASF post by "Tokyopua"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/29/05 2:24:00 PM, thrillseeker wrote:


>And it's natural that they
>would want us, too. We know
>how to please. We'll probably
>be discreet. We won't make a
>big deal out of it, get
>attached and emotionally flip
>out like most guys would. And
>they want our sperm. So that
>they can get lame-ass beta
>guys to help them raise our
>spawn, who will grow up to
>player guys who will in turn
>knock up lots of girls and
>thus spread their mother's
>genetic legacy far and wide.
>(Little do they know, it's not
>our genes--we learned it off
>the internet! Ha!)

I think you are right in general about fools mate. But with regard to thinking
its not your genes... read "The Mating Mind". Realize that having the brains
to understand this stuff, and the mental motivation to read it and learn it and
apply it actually does indicate something superior about your genes. Its
actually what evolutional psychologists call a "fitness indicator".


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