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When did msaf start making sense

mASF post by rp_5150

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When did msaf start making sense
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/12/05 9:12:00 PM, APHRODISIAC wrote:
>That is interesting. First
>approach and a lay. lol. Never
>heard that before, can you
>elaborate if it was a solid
>game or a fool's mate!!

It was kind of social circle, tho had not met them before.
I went to a party of out of town friends and owned it.
Kept talking to these 2 girls, teasing them mercilessly.
Two cute 7's.
Did exactly what my gut told me to do: kino'ed her
sexually but innocently, in front of her friends, etc.
Did lots of DHV at party.
Later in the party, led her outside to the big backyard.
Walked her around.
Made out.
Got her hand on my cock.
She rubbed it, wanted more of it.
Talked dirty.
Got her #. Tried to get her to come back w/ me to
friends apt., too much social pressure, she had to say no.
Went home.
Next week, called her up, told her I wanted to stay at
her place to visit out of town friends. She said Okay.
Walked into her apt.
She was cold BL. She gave me apt. tour.
We sat on the couch.
I turned her cold BL around by mentioning it & moving her
Took her hand, led her upstairs, eventually sealed the deal,
after ignoring her verbal LMR and only paying attention to
her hips thrusting against me.
Search for my LR a long time ago (too long ago) to get
the full story.

GWM gave me 'permission' to blow past LMR and persist and lead.

It wasnt fools mate, there was work involved. Especially
since she was very shy and very catholic and very ISFJ.

Women love me and want to fuck me it's just that society
tells them they have to play hard to get.

-- robert1

toecutter: Beat that fear. Be a man. Beat your chest a little bit, because most
people are slave to their fears. You conquer yours. Most guys will conquer it
in context (like bungy jumping), but lets see those parachuting AFCs handling
walking into a club ALONE and SOBER and APPROACHING a girl they don't know. Or
worse ... a group of girls.

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