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Tension Loops

mASF post by Ricky Raft

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Tension Loops
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mASF post by "Ricky Raft"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

There are basically two kinds of tension loops, the ones you get trapped in and
the ones you trap girls in.

The best way to avoid being trapped is as said many times before to GFTOW. And
a while back somebody said that you can think about the girls you ARE GOING TO
fuck in the future can help. Another thing is to have a busy life, so you don't
have so much time to think. Yet another is to know when you are about to be
trapped or are trapped, and think about something completely different. It's
like "oh now I think about it again, so ok, what cars do I like, what am I
going to do tomorrow?" Refuse to think about it. Any other ways?

Email and SMS are tension loop» traps. Like "why doesn't she mail back?" Try to
avoid that. I have made the mistake of sarging over email. For example I've
tried new techniques over email and if she doesn't reply immediately I wonder
why. Bad.

Matt1 wrote:
>But now i've started not to care for her words and I believe the tension loop»
is being reversed on her.

Good, leave it like that, don't think about it anymore. If you think about if
it is really reversed, then you risk being trapped in another tension loop».


For fast seduction like ONS & fools mate tension loops are unnecessary, but for
STR and LTR they're really good to use. And if you only get ONS and want day2s,
tension loops are the answer.

"Unfinished business" is also good to have with anybody (girls, friends, etc)
you want to continue the interaction with later. It builds connection.

Stevexpm2b wrote:
>Hey, I gotta go. I'll give you a call later.

Great example. It's a great set up for both a tension loop» and unfinished

Ricky Raft

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