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Issues with the ‘be cool, be nornal’ idea

mASF post by rocker44

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Issues with the ‘be cool, be nornal’ idea
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mASF post by "rocker44"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/20/05 4:20:00 AM, Riker_AUT wrote:
>On 4/19/05 10:00:00 PM, rocker44 wrote:
>>You still don't get it yet. You're doing
>>well with your game and are getting good
>>consistent results with normal everyday
>>girls on the train and at the coffee
>>shop, but that isn't the type of girl
>>that TheGame» is dating. He's taken the
>>NEXT step. Going after the true hotties.
>>The women that most guys will only
>>masturbate to in magazines.
>I don't buy that. My pull from previous
>weekend looks definitly VERY hot. Goes
>to gym regular, tight slim body, nice
>face. Could definitly do glamour style
>shots. Gets hit on all the time (even at
>that party where I picked her she was
>hit on by three other guys).
>And it didn't take an elaborate gameplan
>for me to get her.
>>TheGame», Mystery, Style, etc... all date
>>hot bartenders, strippers, go-go
>>dancers, pornstars, playmates, maxim
>>girls, SI swimsuit models, celebrities
>>and other high quality women almost
>The deal with this chicks is that they
>have so much social proof, that yes, you
>will need different methods to game
>them. But there are really hot-bodied
>women around (especially from Eastern
>Europe) who are just as sweet and sexy
>and do not need to be gamed like
>celebrities or playboy models.
>So in fact the only difference I see
>here is that some hot chicks sell their
>beauty in one way or another (model,
>playboy, strippers etc.) and then it
>screws with their head and you need
>added firepower to game them. Fine, if
>that's what you want.
>Personally I'd prefer to pick the
>hotties who look AS good but just don't
>think they're something better than the
>rest of the human population on the
>planet. On every university you'll have
>a few really hot chicks who still are
>"on the ground" and only need a cool,
>alpha guy to have a normal relationship.
>Which I prefer over the Hollywood Drama
>Types any day.
>>I agree with you when TheGame» uses terms
>>like "Fools mate" and "UG Theory" it's
>>talking down to us. HB7s are NOT UGs and
>>"fools mate" still takes game. Only cool
>>guys with their shit together get fools
>>mate. period.
>That last sentence is sooooo true. If
>fools mate was such a regular occurance,
>there wouldn't be millions of guys who
>get laid once or twice a year at most.

I know all this, I'm just pointing out that just because your game is different
and probably more efficient than theirs, it doesn't mean you "more enlightened"
or anything. You just have different goals and tastes in women.

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