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Issues with the ‘be cool, be nornal’ idea

mASF post by rocker44

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Issues with the ‘be cool, be nornal’ idea
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mASF post by "rocker44"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

On 4/19/05 8:46:00 AM, Riker_AUT wrote:
>On 4/19/05 4:58:00 AM, TheGame» wrote:
>>If you want power and choice,
>>then yes, you need a game
>>plan. If you're
>>content to show up and take
>>Fool's Mate lays, then no.
>You guys (Mystery Camp and Friends) need
>to learn to accept that people can get
>get laid, with the chicks they want,
>without turning the whole deal into a
>mathematical algorithmus.
>This constant "Oh, it was just
>Foolsmate, it wasn't GAME since you
>didn't have a game plan and didn't do
>the magic mystery turntwistkiss" is
>getting boring.
>Sorry if I missunderstood you, but
>that's how you (and some others here)
>sound to me.
>And on top of it, it confuses the
>newbies. "Oh, I need to memorize 4 hours
>of attraction material otherwise I'll
>never get laid". Poor new guys who fall
>for that commerce trap.

You still don't get it yet. You're doing well with your game and are getting
good consistent results with normal everyday girls on the train and at the
coffee shop, but that isn't the type of girl that TheGame» is dating. He's taken
the NEXT step. Going after the true hotties. The women that most guys will only
masturbate to in magazines.

TheGame», Mystery, Style, etc... all date hot bartenders, strippers, go-go
dancers, pornstars, playmates, maxim girls, SI swimsuit models, celebrities and
other high quality women almost exclusively. Just being alpha isn't enough with
these women. They already know 50+ alpha guys with their shit together. You
HAVE to stand out, you have to be different. You have to learn to NEG, you need
a game plan or it's just not going to happen. They have too much else going on
in their life. Anyone that lives in a city of a million+ people has the option
of going after these types of girls. I imagine that's a good portion of the ASF

If your niche isn't that type of girl (mine isn't either), theres no need to
learn this style of game. It'll only fuck you up, I agree. My game is geared
towards 7s and 8s in dive bars and that's definitely where I excel. I never
neg, I only use a little bit of push/pull on these girls.
I agree with you when TheGame» uses terms like "Fools mate" and "UG Theory" it's
talking down to us. HB7s are NOT UGs and "fools mate" still takes game. Only
cool guys with their shit together get fools mate. period.

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