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Lay Report: Are you trying to put the moves on me?

mASF post by esk6969

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Lay Report: Are you trying to put the moves on me?
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mASF post by "esk6969"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, April 4, 2005

Wow, that was quite the report. I think I deserve as much congratulations for
reading all of it as you do for writing all of it. Maybe, next time, trim it
up a bit? You'll probably get more feedback.

I think you are doing yourself a disservice by second-guessing whether this was
a "fools mate" or not. I don't necessarily tend to agree with this concept
very much anyway. I think it's taken from chess, where, if your opponent is a
dumbass, and plays exactly into your hands, then you can checkmate him in four

I think the concept is only of minimum usefulness however, both in PU, and in
chess, because in either endeavor, it is very rare that your opponent/target
does EXACTLY the necessary things for the fools mate to work. By definition,
fools mate won't work any other way.

It seems, what you did here, was to take well-known techniques, and apply them
to a situation, in order to attain a pre-desired outcome. You started out with
a goal in mind, and achieved it with specific steps of action - hardly a "fools
". Although, the best way to tell is to go out, and do it again. If it's
a replicable strategy, then by definition, it's not a fools mate.

As far as your specific situation, there were a few minor missteps, but you
recognized them and corrected them as they happened, so no need to rehash here.

One thing I noticed, that I'm not sure if you took away as a tactic to add to
your toolbox or not: Clear SOI in the seduction phase. In other words, if you
follow the Attraction->Rapport->Seduction sequence (which you did here, whether
consciously or not), then I have found that, once shifting from Rapport to
Seduction phase, it's best to drop all the patterning/emotional stuff (though
gold in rapport), and go very direct. So, it was very good that you answered
her question about putting on the moves as "yes" without apology, as was the
"lick you" line. In my experience, I've always just said "I want you" at this
point, but it's basically same difference - a clear, unambiguous SOI. This is
assuming, of course, that kino'ing/makeout has started, that she is responding
positively (I'd say a wet pussy is a good sign), etc. This usually blasts
through any pesky LMR, at least for me.

Also, good move on the going down on her first. Something I've frequently
done. Chicks will always want to come back to a considerate lover who makes
sure her needs are met first, and going down on them is one of the easiest ways
to do this. Add to that, that most chicks love it, and it's much easier for
them to cum through this than with intercourse, and it's almost dumb NOT to do
it. One thing a lot of guys don't realize - the more orgasms women have, the
MORE they become interested in sex, and they can usually build up to be
stronger and stronger. The exact opposite of guys, for whom the more O's we
have, the less horny we become.

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