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PUA is the new AFC: Why ASF is wrong

mASF post by Lukeskywalker

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PUA is the new AFC: Why ASF is wrong
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mASF post by "Lukeskywalker"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

I think you guys are missing the big picture here.

I was what you would call a natural in college. I went to a big 10 school and
was in the best frat there. Almost every of the 80 guys that lived in the
house was an alpha male (thats all we recruited). Well guess what, I got laid
off of social circle/sorority shit all the time. However, A MM/RSD MADE PUA
WILL ALWAYS BEAT A PURE NATURAL-unless the natural has unreal social proof or
is a perfect 10.

Once out of college, I noticed that I had LOTS of trouble in clubs approaching
women in groups (most all naturals I know avoid this). Mystery's group set
theory is amazing, and one of the most valuable contributions to this art ever.

You guys are arguing over two separate things!!!!!!!!! IF ALL YOU GUYS WANT IS
TO GET LAID THAT IS EASY--approach 200 women and you will get laid. THE
YOU WANT!!!!!!! For instance, the other night at a bar i turn around and see a
HB8.7 staring at me, so I walk over there giving EC and say "DO you want to
kiss me?" She says i don't know and i kiss her and leave with her. Does that
make me a PUA? NO!!! It was fools mate and I understand this, but good luck
doing this when SHB10 is in a group with 4 other people.

I also think that this agruement stems from the fact people are coming from
different worlds. I college all you have to do is be social and good looking
and you are in, but good luck trying this in NYC in an exclusive club. I just
don't think some of these posters are playing in the same league as Mystery,
and thus don't really understand where he is coming from. And some of you guys
are scared, or too young, to go to clubs and therefore only do "coffee shop"
approaches and so use other techniques--that doesn't mean asf/MM stuff doesnt

About ASF:
1. A nerd with knowledge with have more confidence and will actually get out
in the field eventually giving him competence. Thus, more confidence.
2. we are just sharing ideas on pick up here, and sharing ideas is good
3. Learn from the best. Read Toecutter's, mystery's, TD's archives.
4. Go to a workshop and learn from the best. However, only go when you have
SOME mastery of the game--not to get pushed into approaching! This works in
every aspect of you life. Sports, business, pu, etc. BTW, I will take the MM
workshop soon and it is not because I am a nerd, it is because if you want to
be the best it saves time to learn from the best.
5. Stop pissing on people that sell products. There is a review section on
ASF so "buyer beware".

use the force,

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