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Field Report: Mystery method

mASF post by Mystery

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Field Report: Mystery method»
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2005

>Can I ask a stupid question?
>I'm not really totally versed in MM, but I understand it's a systematic
approach, i.e., Attract->Comfort->Seduce, with multiple phases and feedback
loops or whatever... But, is the system so dogmatic so as to not allow for

of course not. Its just a map of the terrain. it gets you up to speed and then
when you are advanced enough you can find the exceptions to the rules. but if
those exceptions are consistent, they too become rules. that is why the method
is so accurate ... we've been field testing it among dozens and dozens of cold
approach PUAs and adapting the method systematically to be as accurate as

>What I mean by this is, you have a technique, and you know that it works. You
can, guaranteed, get your tongue down a chicks throat. At this point, I feel
it's safe to assume that a) attraction has been generated, and b) kino is in
full swing, i.e., "reading her palm" or whatever is not going to be awkward.

yes, MORE than just KINO, you are getting COMPLIANCE ... where you grab her
hand and put it on your knee and it STAYS. Where you pull her close to you and
she complies. where you tell her to bite your neck and she does.

>So, I guess my stupid question is, does it really matter *how* you generate
attraction? Why torture yourself with sets, cockblocks and AMOG's, when you
have a method you are comfortable with that gets you around all that?

well, firstly, I get attraction in 3 minutes. its SIMPLE. I go in, OPEN the
set, then throw a NEG to disarm the obstacles and prove to the target Im not
after her. Then I DHV by leading the obstacles and tell stories with DHV spikes
in them. Then I go into A3 and qualify her and begin kino, all in 3 minutes.
Its super efficient and works ... literally every time as I have not had a set
fail to open and build attraction in the last 4 months. no exaggeration.

>Could you not just *presume* you're at the Attraction phase after a tonguedown
(if you HAVE to use MM), and then lead her off the dancefloor after that, and
move into the second phase? Like "come here, I want to talk to you", take her
hand gently, but forcefully, and LEAD, don't ask, her way off the dancefloor to
then do whatever?

of course its POSSIBLE to go in and try to seduce her right away and it MIGHT
work ... but how do you KNOW it will? if it doesnt, you lose the girl. This is
called FOOL'S MATE. you can win chess in 4 moves. its call fools mate. but just
because you can win sometimes with that tactic, if its your ONLY tactic, you
will not win EVERY game and be a chess champion. MM makes you a chess champion
in that in enables you to open and run virtually ANY SET. Sure it may be EASIER
to just run around and do FOOL'S MATE on SINGLES, but truth is, really hot
women generally dont succumb to seduction first tactics (they get hit on 15
times a day and so dont need to say yes just because you asked to sleep with
them) and they respond (in my experience and that of many other great PUAs)
more strongly to SOLID GAME (which is chess metaphor for not compromising your
position in the game by doing anything stupid just to speed up your win).

>I guess I just don't get the inflexibility here, considering that seduction is
such a dymamic and fluid environment.

and yet there are definitive patterns which have been discovered. for instance,
consider the inflexibility of this concept:

1. anything that has a BEGINNING has an ENDING.
2. anything with a B & E has a MIDDLE.
3. TIME is sequentially linear.
4. COURTSHIP has a B M & E.
5. ATTRACTION must come before RAPPORT ... why? a woman wont take the time to
build comfort with someone they have no attraction for. why? well first:
6. what IS attraction? humans are survival and replication (S&R) machines. we
increase our chances of S&R by aligning with other humans who can help us S&R.
hot healthy young woman will increase our S&R if we align with them than an old
unhealthy lady. similarly, a woman will increase her S&R if she aligns with a
man has proven he MUST have a high S&R value by having women chase him (boyband
principle). in other words attraction is the result of your SURVIVAL &
REPLICATION VALUE JUDGEMENT CIRCUITS returning a positive result. if you can
improve a woman's S&R (she will think this because you have conveyed a high S&R
value) she will me emotionally inclined to align with you. if this means giving
you sex in order to receive the increase in her S&R so be it.
7. so, if you can FIRST build attraction (by conveying you have S&R value (we
convey this with stories that have DHV spikes imbedded into them) and once we
get IOIs from her we know she will want to build rapport with us. ATTRACTION
"MUST" come before RAPPORT attempts.
8. lastly, because just APPROACHING her will seem like a RAPPORT attempt, we
cant attempt to DHV her (to convey we have a high S&R value) until we first
convince her we arent after her by DISQUALIFYING ourselves (using NEGs) so she
wont assume we ARE after her with low S&R value and induce her to raise her
protection shield and bitch us out or give us the bf-objection.

see the PATTERNS here? MM is the SOLUTION to so many problems because it
ANTICIPATES them. If anything is inflexible, its the concept that the beginning
must ALWAYS and inflexibly come before the MIDDLE.

Love Mystery

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