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SOLID Game&Fools Mate out in the field

mASF post by chicksrock

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SOLID Game&Fools Mate out in the field
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mASF post by "chicksrock"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

On 3/25/05 7:58:00 AM, Mystery wrote:
>ok I have to be honest about
>something: the advice I've
>been reading form this n3rv1
>guy is begining to annoy me.
>It appears he is a KJ and not
>a PUA. nuff said.
>On to advice that goes beyond
>"do what you wanna do".
>There are different types of
>Practice game: if you dont
>have enough material up to
>speed (practiced a couple
>dozen times each so as to make
>it congruent - see my
>concruence audio article on my
>website) then you need to play
>instance, the PEG SYSTEM (a
>method to prove you have a
>photographic memory) is a
>great DHV. Now its best to use
>in A2 and even later in C1 but
>what if you dont have PEG up
>to speed? Then you might as
>well use it as a quick A1
>OPENER so you can get it up to
>speed fast. How? Just say, "I
>need to pick your brain for
>4.2 seconds" ... of course its
>a 5 minute routine but you
>dont have to tell THEM that!
>Not the BEST opener, but if
>opening with it means getting
>the routine up to speed for
>(Like in a SHB set) you're
>damned right to bang it out
>enough times to get the
>experience in-field with it.
>Flash Game: Need to impress a
>bunch of guys during a
>workshop? Ha ha, just kidding
>... Need to impress a SHB set
>with social proof in your
>pre-approach? Go into a set,
>perform FLASH GAME, and voila,
>instant social proof to warm
>up the set you REALLY want to
>go into. Now they have SEEN
>you with other women who are
>on your arms. They have seen
>you are the leader of men. The
>Coin Snatch Routine will allow
>you to FLASH GAME so you can
>then open a HOT set next to
>them. FLASH GAME allows you to
>build social proof so you can
>go into a bartender (notorious
>for having time constraints
>due to customers) already
>PRE-APPROVED by other women
>and thereby building
>attraction BEFORE you
>Solid Game: Want to WIN every
>time no matter what? Solid
>game is a metaphor borrowed
>from chess. Dont risk defeat
>by taking chances with moves
>that might not progress you.
>Dont move too fast nor too
>slow. Play SOLIDLY to win.
>Solid game should allow you to
>tonight. That's all I needed
>(hand holding, embracing,
>kissing, and her trying to
>close ME) and I now have a
>solid day 2 (I may invite her
>to my seminar tomorrow
>actually). Style also played
>solid game and I hear him with
>her in my guest room with him
>right now *shrug*. SOLID. I
>have a GF in my bed so
>bringing mine home was not
>possible. Haa, Style has her
>moaning RIGHT NOW ... and my
>GF is fuckin' SNORING! fuckin'
>hell! haa.
>Fool's Mate: it is entirely
>possible to win chess in only
>4 moves. does this make you a
>chess champion? no. it only
>makes your opponent nieve. its
>Running around and HOPING to
>win with a fool's mate (which
>in the PUA means going in with
>SEDUCTION FIRST rather than
>INTEREST FIRST - or going in
>and hitting on her before she
>wants you to) MAY get you a
>win ... one in 50 times. A
>chess champion you are not.
>The greatest concern with
>fool's mate is, when you win
>right away, you THINK you are
>a master. But when the next
>set doesnt get you the girl
>you are back to HOPING. But
>fool's mate is good when the
>girl is cute but not hot so
>she's not worth 7 hours of
>solid game but worth trying a
>fool's mate cause if you lose
>no biggie.
>MAKEOUT GAME: similar to
>fool's mate only you play the
>first part solidly in the
>hopes of getting attraction
>and then jumping prematurely
>forward to get the makeout.
>this isnt flash game because
>if other girls see you fuck
>up, you ruin your room and
>build a bad rep over time. if
>you DO makeout with the girl
>then you cant neccessarily
>sarge the rest of the room
>because you are makout boy.
>its great WORKSHOP GAME so
>students can see you
>definitely HAD attraction but
>the solid way to winning is to
>kino escalate with a shallow
>slope. Showing off with
>makeout game can mislead
>students into thinking that is
>how its supposed to be done.
>they have to learn that often
>times a quick makeout can
>compromise success down the
>opener that is untested? need
>to see if it'll work? well,
>its time to run a "light
>hearted social experiment" as
>my former student Papa used to
>say. One time he high fived an
>entire club. LITERALLY!
>Hundreds of people it was
>fuckin' sick haa. He didnt get
>ANYWHERE but it was an
>experiment to see what
>happens. You know at the end
>of the night when the club
>closes and you and your wing
>are outside the club seeing
>what you can do with the sets
>just hanging out front? That
>is CRASH & BURN time ... or
>And there you have it N3rv1.
>Love Mystery

Thanks Mystery. I am very impressed with your inventions in PU...and again you
have further convinced me that solid game is the way to go. I have the DD
mastery program, and I got that big "ah huh" when you distinguished between
fools mate and solid game.

I am definitely working on my solid game. (and saving up enough money to do a
MM workshop!)

I do run MM in my head while doing my sets (kinda hard to multi-task though
because you have to deliver your routines/whatever as well).

I got your MM diagram on my wall so I wake up to it every morning!

I am a big fan. So keep up the good work Mystery...and hope you come up with
some more cool revelations into the world of PU.

Peace Out !

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