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Struggling to Push for that First Lay

mASF post by Phenix

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Struggling to Push for that First Lay
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mASF post by "Phenix"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

On 3/19/05 9:34:00 AM, chicksrock wrote:
>Hi Guys.

>I have built a toolbox of
>pretty cool routines.
Yes, don't forget that those are just tools.

>My game has improved heaps.
Great ! Go on.

>I have probably done 20
Go on.

>I have had a handful of
>makeouts (probably most fools
>mate though)
>But I haven't pushed that
>boundary to get my first lay.
Don't bother. Remind you that this IS part of your game, and is not a matter.
You will.
Analyze each case why you did not.

>I really want it, I know it
>will take me to a whole new
This is self fulfilling prophecy. The good thing is that you can begin by
prophetizing. Do it often.
This will become part of your inner game», and belive me, if you get it in your
inner game», you will have the level. Lays will follow soon (as you will have
managed the details).

>I have worked very hard
Good. But remember it is a game, it must be a pleasure in itself. Love it. Now
you have got the blunt of it, try to work on quality. Analyze what works,
lacks, and so on.
Paper & Pen if needed. Recorder. All that can help.
First confront really with what fucked. I think you have the inner game», but
now invite girls in your frame, and understand, feel what happens and analyze
why, then integrate this in your game.

>, and I
>don't understand why it is not
I neither. Think of telling more details ?

>The logistics for a lay is
>kind of fucked though (I live
>with my parents).
As I read recently in a post (sorry to the author I can't remember just who),
don't bother about logistics, it screws your game and her state. At worst, let
her bother about it.
And you in fact can screw her almost anywhere (just avoid where she loses state
or that you get fined/jailed).
And do not consider it is a problem, it would ruin your game, it is a
constraint. Just workaround, or turn it into a game. How about it is exciting
to u & her it is forbidden to do at your/her home. He he. Play with it.

>I know it is a limiting belief
>but it is what is stopping me
>from getting my lay.
Don't let matters/emotions ruin your game. Manage & integrate. This is YOUR
frame. You control.

>I feel I have so much
>experience and material, and I
>don't know why I am not
>getting that lay.
The true problem. You don't talk about circumstances or analyzing and just cry
about it.
Tackle it !
Where did you fuck up ?
Make an array of vertically what you should have done (FSG 101 &/or ManiacPlan)
and horizontally your fuckups.
Most guys forget to demonstrate value, to SOI, or to sex talk after enough
rapport. Did you do all this ?

Ask them/the lost ones how they feel (don't forget to screen !). Are you their
girlfriend ? Did they refuse to have sex ?
Did you get them horny ?
Where did it begin to screw ?

>Is it normal to take this
It can be the first time or after months, depends on where you start from, what
are the problems you forget to cope with, what are your strengths, and HOW WELL

>Whatelse can I do?
>Please Help!

And if don't succeed with analyze &/or compare, post detailed reports so we can


"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't."
Erica Jong

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