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Re: First post - laying girl with BF

mASF post by kooper

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Re: First post - laying girl with BF
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mASF post by "kooper"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, March 3, 2005

On 3/15/05 10:31:00 PM, Osiris wrote:
>On 3/15/05 11:32:00 AM, kooper wrote:
>>On 3/15/05 10:45:00 AM, ijjjji wrote:
>>>On 3/15/05 6:22:00 AM, rodgie wrote:
>>>>slipping back into AFC in
>>>>My current target (not oneitis
>>>Lol! GFTOW!
>>ijjjji, maybe you´ll get there sometime
>>chosing a specific girl, fixating on
>>her, spending a lot of thought on her
>>and doing everything in your power to
>>get her, and then succeeding is a way
>>greater pleasure than fucking 10 random
>>girls. which is not hard not to do.
>He can go meet one of the millions of
>other cool HBs out there, but instead he
>wants the one that already HAS a BF and
>is hesitant to get with him because of

have you considered that a guy could want a girl partly BECAUSE there is a
boyfriend in play? because she is hesistant to get with him? because there is
an obstacle to overcome, because he has to put work in it... essentially,
because there is a real challenge there?

i for one am not really interested in an obstacle-free "seduction"... actually
you can´t even call it a seduction, its a fools mate and playing the numbers
game then... not my thing. a "seduction" is essentially overcoming obstacles.

as i said, i personally get greater pleasure of a seduction versus a fools

seduction takes more planning, more consideration, more thinking and more time
than just playing the numbers, and eventually, has a better output for me.

>It's not too hard to see where this is
>On a sidenote: What the hell is with
>all the recent 'OMG my one current
>target has a boyfriend/fiancee/husband,
>how can I completely fuck up their
>relationship so I can nail her right
>quick' topics?

if she lets you fuck her, the relationship is damaged anyway. girls that are in
good relationships and love their boyfriend don´t fuck other guys.

also don´t think "seducers" fuck and dump their targets. you remember this
sentence, it went like "people value more what they worked for". same thing.
she will grow in the seducer´s eye´s in the seduction process because of the
seduction process.

>Did someone steal your
>girl when you were a kid and now you
>have to get back at the world, or
>My solution: FIND ANOTHER PUSSY. She'll
>dump her BF eventually if he really
>sucks, and granted it might be sooner
>when she realizes what a cool guy you
>are, but what's with actively trying to
>fuck with them when they're already
>involved? It's HER LOSS if she wants to
>stay with her chump boyfriend. You're a
>busy guy and there's much more potential
>out there than some chick who's already
>committed to a relationship. Why

i see, you´d rather want an easy lay. all the more power to you.

some are like that, some are different. if you´ve had enough easy lays maybe
you too will look for a challenge... and that´s where setting sights on a
specific target and getting her is the game to play my man!


The better you look, the more you see...

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