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mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2003

On 9/22/03 8:18:00 PM, The Dating Wizard wrote:
I really appreciated these posts you wrote in Advanced. It is amazing to see
how our way of seeing things is the same in spite of the fact we never met

>EXACTLY. ALL THAT, just attains the
>of an AVERAGE pretty chick in terms of
>sexual POWER.
***Agree. That´s why I strongly agree with Maniac when he writes that being
dedicated to one chick simply gives her too much power. Having multiple
relationships is the only way a guy can effectively get the same power if we
don´t take in account becoming a big leader or a rock star - which are indeed
still the most effective ones.

>Even the GREATEST pick up artist only
>remotely approaches the power of a
>pretty chick. If she wanted to, she
>bag THOUSANDS of # closes, thousands
>of fuck closes, from at least average
>to above average guys a night. Not like
>she'd WANT that many though.
>Maybe just a hundred lol.
***Agree. This is a reality many guys have difficulties in seeing. This is the
big reason I use more social proof than challenge. I make an example: in the
country where I live now I may be considered a really healthy professional,
let´s say not the best but I earn money little bit less than politicians here.
Well you know what? I have been knowing chick who have practically NOTHING who
have been relating to me with such proudness and selfishness that I was
thinking "WTF she would do if she would be Bill Gates´ daughter?". I had once a
short LTR ( MLTR, was former primary ) She was a Contrarian and her social
status was let´s say 5/100 of mine. Still the bitch related to me in such a
selfish and manipulative way that I had not other choice then next her. And
this was in spite of the fact I was massively social proofed also on the sexual
field and not only on the social field.

>It's amazing when you actually think
>about this reality, and how most guys
>(outside asf) think this is NORMAL and
***I have been thinking of a social revolution done by men. I am in a few
months publicizing my site. One of my costumers group will be: husbands. I
decided I will teach to husbands how to become bitches..

>Women are laughing their heads off,
>but they are also depressed since
>the situation makes it NO CHALLENGE
>for them and not much fun.
***Yes. One of the most common reason of depression in women is getting
everything they want from their AFC men. The former primary I just told you had
been in a 7 years marriage with a guy who would have jumped from the 10th floor
if she would have told so. Think that the guy still built for her things at HER
PROPERTY COTTAGE after she published in internet the pics where she was toungue
down kissing ME. Now she drives with HIS CAR while he is abroad for work. He
stills brings stuff for her from a place to another and so on..

>Most guys are not sexually turning
>women on because in general,
>society has handed all the superiority
>over to women- so women really start
>to think they are so special, and they
>really start to think that most men
>are NOT. "After all", the women reason,
>"society itself defines men as inferior
>to women".
***Yes.. Ship goes down. "First women and children". Sadly there is only one
thing which is able to change the power position in favor of men: WAR AND
DANGER. Any new war has the value of men rising to stars.

>No WONDER a player is so exciting to
>A guy who just REMOTELY approaches their
>level of power (i.e. a player), but who
>is still inferior in power, is ALREADY
>getting them excited.
***You talk very, very true things. As a player I talk with women all the time
such things they never talk with other men. It is amazing to notice how chicks
have a whole field of subjects connected with relationships they NEVER display
to men. I have known husbands who have been in LTRs with chicks for years

>Imagine how excited they would be if
>men were considered at least EQUAL.
>...And oh my god, imagine if men
>were considered....superior?
***Well.. I bring chicks with me to cloth departments and have them look when I
buy clothes FOR ME.. Jesus how they love me for that.

>This bring me a whole new perspective
>on SHIT TESTS. Let's face it,
>if men were in more power, the women
>would think twice before giving so
>many shit tests.
***True. It has been true also in history for those guys who were talking to
her while in the company of a couple of big warriors with big swords..

>They would simply
>know that there exists a price and
>a major risk to giving shit tests-
>men would say "fuck it" to trying
>to figure out how to handle it,
>since a hundred other pretty women
>would be banging down the door.
***True. What if ASF knowledge spreads all over the world?

>It's funny, because players get
>a bad rap, when in reality they
>are still not as powerful as most
>average attractive women.
>There is one trump card, though,
>which is the fact that women
>get emotional fast and can be
>easily emotionally manipulated.
***True: in this point chicks are really weaker. If I would tell to a male
friend half of the bullshit I tell to chicks I would be soon befriended or I
would be considered a gay.

>Definitely. The same reason women
>complain that "all" guys are "jerks"-
>the reality is that the only guys that
>them on are the guys that don't take
>the abuse,
***Golden words.

>most of these guys that
>they love are NOT jerks, the women just
>call them "jerks" because they could
>not control them.
***Very true.

>The truth is that most REAL jerks
>are BAD with women, because they
>have no social intelligence and tend to
>push EVERYONE away, men and women.
***And this is a point where chicks mistake themselves so badly.. they think
they find value in the jerks where they are not. Explains Teddy Bunch very
>>Short of gaining the massive social
>>proof as a celeb or a peacocked
>>multimillionaire, is there any solution
>>for maintaining LTRs, or are the only
>>options are male dominated STRs or an
>>LTR where the chick holds the power?
>A question I've thought about for
>a long, long time. I'll answer it
>in relationships section right now.
***I think we are looking for the same mission here. I have been thinking this
very long. Until now the only way I felt I can keep a LTR going on is never
being really avalaible to her, showing her I love myself like a God and sadly
being an asshole to her at least twice a month. Being a man in a LTR is
probably the most lonely business.. To be man one has to be able to be alone.

"Even the most courageous among us only rarely has the courage for that which
he really knows" Friedrich Nietzsche - The Twilight of The Idols

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