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mASF post by The Dating Wizard

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mASF post by "The Dating Wizard»"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, September 9, 2003

On 9/22/03 3:08:00 PM, Essennem101 wrote:

>>Another option is MASSIVE social proof,
>such as becoming a celebrity or becoming
>ostentatiously super rich. This way,
>women will throw themselves at you when
>you merely walk down the street WITHOUT
>any flirting effort on your part. In
>other words, you have attained the
>status of an average pretty chick in
>terms of sexual power.

EXACTLY. ALL THAT, just attains the status
of an AVERAGE pretty chick in terms of
sexual POWER.

Even the GREATEST pick up artist only
remotely approaches the power of a typical
pretty chick. If she wanted to, she could
bag THOUSANDS of # closes, thousands
of fuck closes, from at least average
to above average guys a night. Not like
she'd WANT that many though.
Maybe just a hundred lol.

It's amazing when you actually think
about this reality, and how most guys
(outside asf) think this is NORMAL and

Women are laughing their heads off,
but they are also depressed since
the situation makes it NO CHALLENGE
for them and not much fun.

Most guys are not sexually turning
women on because in general,
society has handed all the superiority
over to women- so women really start
to think they are so special, and they
really start to think that most men
are NOT. "After all", the women reason,
"society itself defines men as inferior
to women".

No WONDER a player is so exciting to them.

A guy who just REMOTELY approaches their
level of power (i.e. a player), but who
is still inferior in power, is ALREADY
getting them excited.

Imagine how excited they would be if
men were considered at least EQUAL.

...And oh my god, imagine if men
were considered....superior?

This bring me a whole new perspective
on SHIT TESTS. Let's face it,
if men were in more power, the women
would think twice before giving so
many shit tests. They would simply
know that there exists a price and
a major risk to giving shit tests-
men would say "fuck it" to trying
to figure out how to handle it,
since a hundred other pretty women
would be banging down the door.

It's funny, because players get
a bad rap, when in reality they
are still not as powerful as most
average attractive women.

There is one trump card, though,
which is the fact that women
get emotional fast and can be
easily emotionally manipulated.

Add the fact
>that a chick will almost never be able
>to gain access to another celeb, and you
>now have superior value. But how many
>guys can do this? Maybe this is why
>women say all the “good” guys are taken.

Definitely. The same reason women
complain that "all" guys are "jerks"-
the reality is that the only guys that turn
them on are the guys that don't take
the abuse, most of these guys that
they love are NOT jerks, the women just
call them "jerks" because they could
not control them.

The truth is that most REAL jerks actually
are BAD with women, because they
have no social intelligence and tend to
push EVERYONE away, men and women.

>Short of gaining the massive social
>proof as a celeb or a peacocked
>multimillionaire, is there any solution
>for maintaining LTRs, or are the only
>options are male dominated STRs or an
>LTR where the chick holds the power?

A question I've thought about for
a long, long time. I'll answer it
in relationships section right now.



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