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Re: PS to: Re: DeepBlue and David Shade, about the potential website....

mASF post by Julian

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Re: PS to: Re: DeepBlue and David Shade, about the potential website....
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mASF post by "Julian"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, January 1, 1999

DeepBlue wrote:

> In article <MPG***a@ne***.net[ ? ]>,
> noe***l@no***.com[ ? ] says...
> PS.
> Enygma and others...
> How about brainstorming with me to come up with a list of potential
> topics for a comprehensive "web book" on meeting, attracting, and
> seducing women. Anything goes--the more topics and subtopics you can list
> the better. I can always edit it later as needed when I organize the
> topics into categories for the table of contents.
> If you're interested, here are some ideas to jog the imagination:
> 1. One approach to coming up with topics is to imagine that you have an
> opportunity to spend an hour with the "world's greatest pick up
> artist/seducer/lover" and then think about what sorts of questions you'd
> want to ask that person.
> 2. Another approach is to think about any aspect of the meeting and
> seduction process that could cause a moment of hesitation or uncertainty
> about the best way to proceed, then ask yourself, "what would I like to
> know here? What sort of expertise or "know-how" would enable me to move
> forward more smoothly right here?"
> 3. A third approach could be to visualize scenarios such as getting ready
> to go out to a club, or seeing an attractive woman walking down the
> street, or having a cup of coffee with a beautiful woman, etc., then
> notice if the image triggers any thoughts like, "what should I...," "when
> should I..." or, "how should I...."

Here are some topics, in no particular order:
-Places where 10's can be found
-Increasing confidence
-Body language
-NLP (with some SS)
-A large area that contains data that various folks collected on mirroring,
maybe even some statistical breakdowns on it, if there are any stats freaks
out there.
-A FAQ area

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