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Field Report: first time = going to mall in search of hb

mASF post by Bilogomja

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Field Report: first time = going to mall in search of hb
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mASF post by "Bilogomja"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I was recently reading up on the gunwitch method, and I thought shit that
totally makes sense! SO, I figured why not go out and try it at the mall.
Keep in mind I've never gone anywhere with the goal to find, seduce and have
sex with a woman (sure I had this goal at parties, but ha ha I never got far)
and actually had been able follow through.

So I put on some nice clothes, brushed the teeth, etc. I didn't over do it
like I was going to prom or something, I just looked nice. I hit up barnes and
noble to pick out some single women looking at a mag or a book or something.
To my suprise I didn't really find any woman there significantly attractive (if
one was maybe a 7 she had her boyfriend with her). I chilled out there for
about 45mins browsing through the dvds, cds, books, mags, trying to keep my
eyes out for some fine ladies, but I had no such luck. keep in mind this was
like maybe 5:30 so maybe the ladies were out somewhere else. Eventually I
decided fuck it and I headed home (I live in a small assed town in the midwest,
so I kinda ran out of options, I suppose I could of went to Jcpenny, but thatd
be it)...

So, first try ever, I came up emptyhanded, Im not letting that set me back
though. Oh yea and by the way I decided not to try to pick up women at work
because I'll probably get fucked over some way...

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