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Re: trying pu chicks at work (beginning PU skills)

mASF post by Raging Clown

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Re: trying pu chicks at work (beginning PU skills)
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mASF post by "Raging Clown"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Hopefully some of the advanced guys here will respond to you with advice.
There are so many good posters here!

1. I think you did great. The fact that you are actually starting the
conversations is the most imporant part of the whole seduction thing. The
fact that you are down on yourself is understandable but it is really what
you have to work on. You have to continually approach and improve on your

2. You need to read a lot more of the posts here. If you did you would see
where the improvement needs to take place. You have a lot of AFC behavior
that needs to go.

I find it hard to give advice here because there are so many variables
missing from field reports. I believe that it is 70% how you look, 20% how
you say things and 10% what you say. So all I have is part of what you say,
not even the whole thing at that. There are a few very insightfull posters
here that can read through the bs really fast, I am not one.

The fact that HB1=8 mentioned her boyfriend could be for many reasons. In
my experience if you had build the proper rapport and created the sense of
mystery about yourself she would not have mentioned him or would have said
she is really not in love with him. Even if after all of that she mentions
him you could have said something like "Hey, I did not ask him, I am asking
you and by the way, I am not jealous!!" with a smirk in my face and a quick
change of conversation. Then again I am shameless.

HB2=9 is a totally different thing. I have purposely avoided girls I work
with because of the complications it can create. But, lets assume we throw
that out the window (unwise!). If she is a 9 then a little more effort
should be put into the seduction. I can see telling her a joke right on her
ear with the right sexual tonality. Like when she is cussing everybody out
you say to her "Maybe that is what they need, a good fuck!" Or somenthing
like that, then I would keep the sexual tension going and start kino asap.

HB3=7.7 is so close to 8 that is worth the effort. Here you need to stop
the mind machine from getting things complicated. Here you just go into the
method. Read Gunwitch and follow that.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."
Carl Sagan

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