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3 Reasons Why Inner Game Helps You Get Laid

mASF post by Intuit

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3 Reasons Why Inner Game» Helps You Get Laid
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mASF post by "Intuit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

On 8/5/05 8:42:00 PM, tsi1234 wrote:
>awesome post community
>extreme kudos for you!


>i do not know where to add,
>except some of the ways you
>could improve your innergame
>is to do stuff that work on ur
>confidence. by 'stuff': no, i
>do NOT mean jackin off, i
>mean, for example, starting to
>learn a martial arts/boxing,
>something that involves risk
>for you. something where when
>you overcome the obstacles of
>that activity it translates to
>better confidence of yourself.

Absolutely. Getting involved in Martial Arts I recommend for anyone who has
nice guy-itis, or simply wants confidence. The confidence will transfer to
other areas. I wish I had a dollar for every kid who was destined to be a
loser, then got heavy into martial arts and turned their whole life around.

>i have (not too long ago)
>joined tae kwon do and boxing
>myself, and it seems to be
>helping the game as well.. a
>trend i notice in PUAs is that
>many happen to know a martial
>arts or two, or an activity
>that defines their manhood.
>Gunwitch: boxer,
>theseductionmethod: some
>martial arts, etc etc. it
>helps defining you as a man
>and reinforces ur 'alpha'

Yeah martial arts help with that. But I might add that any discipline can be
helpful. Even "peaceful" arts like mastering a musical instrument or drawing.
The discipline and confidence you gain always is transferrable.

>you then would be able to
>think, if i AM brave enough to
>go out there and risk myself
>punch/being punched,
>kicked/being kicked, WAT THE
>gonna do to me!? and plus if
>the bf is one of the extreme
>cases, u are in no fear ^^ ,
>cuz u are in for some A$$
>whooping with ur martial artz




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