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To all the people that call girls “bitches”...

mASF post by Prime Alpha

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To all the people that call girls “bitches”...
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mASF post by "Prime Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

...Just a friendly reminder that you are most likely misogynystic idiots.

["Misogyny": - Hatred of women]

Yeah, idiots - if you call ALL girls bitches, then I'm safe calling you
SPECIFICALLY idiots - right ? Eye for an eye.

Maybe many of you think that the world should be some phucked up hippy world of
love where any girl will sleep with you on demand. Darwin is flipping and
tossing in his grave from the mere thought. Imagine what such a scenario would
do for evolution.

Granted, some girls play over the top power games, and deserve the bitch tag.
Those, however, are a minority of the population, and also likely do not
interest a real men, which may engage her only to bitch slap her.

Such a minority of girls - maybe as little as less than 1% - yes, most girls
are nice and receptive to advances, albeit their MAN-testing [better name for
shit tests?] - that minority does now warrant calling girls "bitches"

Veterans on the board know how I feel about this subject. Even GunWitch, with
his immortal "Make The Ho Say No", had a friendly comment from me on the slogan
once or twice. Incidentally, I must point out that other than that slogan,
GunWitch NEVER indiscriminately calls girls bitches. I know his slogan is just
an extreme way of making a statement about perseverence, that's why I don't
mind it so much. Interesting that Gunny, with his bold slogan, adresses girls

Very few girls' shit tests are so over the top that they deserve the tag
"bitch". Those misogynysts among you that just can't deal with simple tests
designed to sift the men from the boys, better start to learn dealing with it,
because I've had it up to here with people thinking they all that, calling
girls bitches thinking they impress anyone.

[P.S ZombieZX in does call his gallery "Me and my bitches" but I can
tell from the photo titles it's in good humour. I can tell the difference. In
any case, Zombie, I hereby slap you twice for using the word :-P]

So please call girls girls and women women, and save the term bitches for those
that deserve it.

I reserve the right to publicly bash anyone that makes excessive needless use
of the term.

I reserver the right to call him an idiot. Eye for an eye.

Rot in hell misogynysts, you are the reason that many girls have strong ASD,
just another hurdle for a REAL man to overcome though, so phuck you.

Good hunting all, women haters rot in hell, and have a nice day.

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