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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?

mASF post by Gunwitch

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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/26/05 12:56:00 AM, noir wrote:
>Wow GREAT post Gunwitch. I
>wish you would write more
>often..what you say is very
>down to earth and
>enlightening. Excellent read.
>p.s. why isnt there a Gunwitch
>zip archive?

Not trying to hide my identity or anything weird. I used to be a horrible
choppy technical poster though. Didn't quote what others said before I replied
75% of the time and such.

Makes for some "interesting" reading even for me. Then someone would write me
with: "what did you mean when you only posted "not when she isn't conditioned
that way it won't" in reply to xxxxxxx post in december 2002".

I had formhandle take it down, maybe it's just me but I hate sorting through
archives at all, much less one as discombobulated as mine.

Get laid not just liked!
"make the ho say no"

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