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mASF post by ubwabwa

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mASF post by "ubwabwa"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Well here i am. i'm out of this LTR i had. Don't know if i'm completely 'out'
of the situ coz its kinda like i've converted her into a FB. in a way, i know i
should just forget about her and find me another chick. but thats my problem. i
don't have the skill set yet..i barely go out 2 sarge and if i do, after
repeated failure and going home empty-handed i kinda get frustated...i guess
this is what gunwitch was talking about when he said 'women soothe issues'

i know for a fact that she is seeing other guys but somehow, we hook up once in
a while and fuck. once after sex, she started complaining of how its not nice
to share and blah
then and there, i decided that was it..enough! i don't want anything else 2
do with this chick. then she calls me some days later telling me to go and fix
some stuff in her new apartment(she moved) to which i decline. she is cool with
the answer. then she calls again and asks again if i could go fix her stuff. i
call her on her bullshit and tell her to ask her 'clients' (other guys shes
sexing) to do that for her. She starts crying. i dunno what happened 2 me, i
completely go AFC. so next day i go fix her stuff but was determined that i
don't want any sex with her. at one point, i was looking 4 the timetable for
transport and she tells me its on her table. inside i get the feeling, y
doesn't she want me 2 stay?

2day, she called asking me 2 go fix her pc to which of course i've declined.
Told her that she can't b expecting me to take care of her shit. wtf has she
done for me? she asks how she could b of service. tell her 2 come clean my
place 2morow. she agrees. in the back of my mind, i know i should NOT help her
with anything anymore. what should i do? any critism is welcomed..

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