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advice plz: TD,Franco, Plrsupreme,Gunwitch,ANYONE

mASF post by noir

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advice plz: TD,Franco, Plrsupreme,Gunwitch,ANYONE
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mASF post by "noir"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Guys thank you SO MUCH for what you wrote! This is why I read ASF!! Fucking
awsome and I appreciate every second you took to respond. VERY HELPFUL!!!

I know exactly what to do.... Ill write and make fun of her using 1/100.... I
thought girls were supposed to be bad with numbers!?? ...and mix all your
advice... be serious at first and put her in her place then show my nice side
and remind her how good the sex was, but make it clear no more bullshit.... if
she wants me in her life she has to know her place and be cool.

You guys are right though... I did lose my cool with her and fucked up way late
in the game by not realizing to be cool while she was still w/the bf.... but
liek I said she doesnt respond when Im nice...only when I get pissed.

I still seem to have this fear of being mean or at least assertive w/chicks
because Im afraid theyll walk away... I guess thats something for me to work

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