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advice plz: TD,Franco, Plrsupreme,Gunwitch,ANYONE

mASF post by noir

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advice plz: TD,Franco, Plrsupreme,Gunwitch,ANYONE
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mASF post by "noir"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

I had this fb about a year ago... we met online... she lives about 1 hr drive
away and we met once and fucked for like 24 hrs straight. she was living w/ her
bf at the time and I couldnt get her to meet up again. Then like a month ago
she emails me out of nowhere and asks why I was so mean to her... I responded
kind of beta giving her straight answer.. I wanted to see her but she wouldnt
come bla bla bla.... she doesnt answer so I write her and say wtf r u going to
ignore me now... kinda supplicating I guess... anyway she writes back and says
dont get the wrong I idea... she just wanted to know why I was a jerk. wtf??
I wasnt a jerk to her just being C&F and playing hard to get, not
supplicating... typical ASF shit. So I wrote back to her saying "wtf you write
out of nowhere calling me an asshole... if this is how u r take ur psycho
bullshit elsewhere... just cause your chump ass bf bought into ur shit doesnt
mean I will... if you want free shit and to shack up with a chump good luck,
maybe you will learn to respect men some day."

This is what she wrote back:

see. You dont know how to act like a man. You just get so angry out of nowhere
rather than listening to anything I have to say. Dont tell me I dont know how
to respect men because you dont know how to respect women. I dont think my
email is out of nowhere because you are on my mind quite frequently. I broke
up with my boyfriend in May and Im not looking for a fool and I dont need free
shit. I just want to know why you were so mean to me if you wanted me so badly
because I know how badly I wanted you and if you wanted me 1/100 as much as I
wanted you then I have no idea how you could have treated me so terribly. I
dont think I bullshitted you because you knew I had a boyfriend and I was
living with him so I couldnt just drop everything to come and see you. You are
completely not understanding and Im sorry for wasting your time because this is
really just for my own piece of mind because I dont think we could ever work
out no matter how good the sex was.

It sounds like I could still fuck her but I dont know how to respond.

Being nice to her doesnt work... she responds when Im an asshole but how do I
get her to come back over so I can fuck her brains out again?

Thanks for your help.

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