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Field Report: Mystery method on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated

mASF post by ZeroBox

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Field Report: Mystery method» on 2-sets bombs! Frustrated
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mASF post by "ZeroBox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

"her when a guy comes into the set. HB10 knows him. I befriend but he's getting

I am not a big fan of befriending. Learn amoging

"Fucking prick. He's trying to start a fight which HB10 doesn't like. I can
kick his midget ass if I want but I have to let it go"

Told you. 75% of short guys have complexes and are generally assholes (as well
as fat guys too). The way they become taller is by throwing shit at you and gives them that rush and validation and makes them feel
taller. See below

. "I have no AMOG tactics plus he is a friend of HB10. "

So... it's YOUR reality not hers and not midget boy.....YOUR BEST INTERESTS NOT

"I don't know to handle the situation. FUCK!!!! Eject. but good practise and
nice to see social proof in action."

Part of PU..a BIG moving beyond comfort zone, I think RJ mentions
this ..because once you move past comfort zone whether it is amoging or go on to experience something very wonderful., your range of
experiences and emotions expands and more of what it is to be human.

Now what to do with shorty boy. Here are some canned amog may
develop your own. I tend to view them as dumb say them like
compliments but they are really disses..they can also be re frames as well or
both. The thing is you never play the other guys frame.

when the guy comes into set..ignore him no eye contact, body language towards
him, he has no influence on you at all. when you tried to befriend him you you
acknowledge d he even mattered. I don't know what he said to you, but if it's
mild, you could just say "Yep I gotta keep up with you cool downtown boys"..if
he starts getting pissy "look man.. your the coolest guy here, your like the
alpha totally own this corner of the street".
OR as soon as he enters and the hb acknowledges him, you could say "You are
really cute you should hook up with this guy" then look to guy and say "this
is my little sister, she just broke up with her bf"

If he starts getting really insulting (but not belligerent) try this : "Dude
your awesome, your like Joe pesci...YOUR SHORT...but you make up for it WITH
YOUR PERSONALITY..totally awesome" then ignore the fuck out of him. If he
looks really pissed like he's on the verge of getting violent, look him in the
eye ala Clint Eastwood style and say "I come in peace... have a nice day" and
then walk off and sarge another hb in front of the one you were with. She may
just reopen you if you impressed her enough. Now some guys in here like
Gunwitch who like to fight would just fight the guy. Personally, its a bit too
much effort for a hb for me, but some guys might do it. Most of these amog
destroyers are a search on the belligerent amogs..he and some of the
other rsd guys have other responses as well

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