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ASF rant

mASF post by gruenfeld

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ASF rant
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mASF post by "gruenfeld"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

ASF rant

Hi some free time in my hands I feel like
typing...enjoy...just wanna share some fleeting ideas here yo...

The guys aren't here anymore...why, because they are busy as hell.
There's something about being busy.
Meeting women is just a consequence of your day instead of you hunting them.
I guess that's one of the most sticky sticking points
when we all began. Stop hunting. Start living.

I happen to obtain his book and it's highly recommended. His rap it up style is
simple yet powerful.

I once thought ijjjji was doesn't even matter. All that matters
is YOUR success. Even I got caught up in the validation game and bragged my ass
off. It won't even matter as you progress.
We're all brothers yo. No mo childishness.

The Mindset of Blossoming - True coolness
Nothing excites you anymore. No effect. I notice that this 'exitement factor'
is the STICKIEST in most guys.

It's a world of great possibilities. I've always told you guys to believe coz
you have no idea what's really possible.

A secret - Splinter in your mind
There is something underlying every human behavior.
Doubt and truth. Pinging for the underlying reason. Pinging for the validity of
the idea.
Related to social pressure. Bullshit. Attention. "WTF?" We all know it deep
down and that is just the way it works.
Utilize this and you can get away with anything.

The underlying deal
In the first'll see in the chicks eyes if she signed the deal.
You'll KNOW/you must reckon in the first 5 minutes if she WANTS to get fucked.

The middle is mandatory. If you're already cool....this is the thing to focus
on. At least 2-3 hours of interaction is okay. Phone game can be used as
comfort. Comfort is where social programming is at it's strongest.

The Look
Radiate the personality of a guy that "will fuck her the second she lets her
guard down." "He won't waste my time."
"He'll take care of how it will happen."...subtly communicate it yet keep her

Cooler than everyone
Most relaxed.

Assume rapport with those you like.

You simply do not care. "Social proof? Negative social proof? Doesn't matter. I
am my own man. Fuck what they think. That's what people do all day. Think about
themselves. Playing the game all day. Some really do not care. Some can't catch
up so they just disrupt. I won't get caught up. I am my own man."

If deep in your heart you are firm....nothing can break it.

Take care yall...
Stay cool playaz

"I'll be missing you..."
-Faith Evans

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