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Field Report: Social Alphaism and Thoughts on a ONS

mASF post by Jimbo

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Field Report: Social Alphaism and Thoughts on a ONS
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/14/05 7:21:00 PM, the_f0x wrote:
>I like to give a small
>disclaimer before each of my
>posts to let people know
>exactly what I’ll be talking
>about and also to guide my
>thoughts as I write this. Here
>she is:

I'm giving back to you an small disclaimer too: THIS IS GOING TO HURT!.

Nothing personal bro, but i believe my words can really help you if you are
open minded enough as to accept criticism in the only way it can help you: in
order to change!.

Besides, my comments will help others in understanding their personal issues,
so expect no mercy from now...

>I’m using PU in a very
>different manner from most of
>you guys. I’m, in essence,
>picking up everyone. Guys,
>girls, young, old, whatever.
>And my real close is
>untarnished respect from
>everyone around me; I want to
>be THE alpha male.

You are not using PU in order to improve your sexual life. How nice.

Let me tell you you are just an insecure kid needing validation from others,
and you are willing to use any fucking "technique" you may learn in order to
look better under others eyes. Respect from everyone around?. Becoming THE
alpha male?.

Your fucking insecurities are making you act in a silly way in order to pretend
to be someone you are not. Acting like "an alpha male" just as means of
creating a protective shield to cover your weak ego won't make you any good.
Expose yourself to your desires. Not those related to what others might thing
about you, or what others might perceive when looking at you, but those related
to fulfilling personal needs no matter how "cool" or alpha you might look.

>I’m going to do a field report
>of a party and then end with
>some thoughts and questions
>about some of these concepts.
>Hopefully they’ll stir up some
>The setting: bbq and then
>party at a good friend of
>mines house, fairly exclusive
>(in the beginning) and a good
>group of folks. I have half a
>gallon of vodka that I
>baby-sit on and off.
>9:00 Everyone starts to show
>up. Good cool, I make
>connections with everyone that
>come in, hugs, superior eye
>contact, AMOG all the guys but
>make them feel at home, I’m
>really using Craig’s “My
>house” frame. I have “Win
>State, Bitch” written on my
>hand, which ends up becoming a
>prop, lol.

Superior EC?...

AMOG all the guys?...

WTF is all that shit?. EC is just a way of connecting for the very first time
with someone. It's not about being superior or shit. It's about how you relate
with others in a certain social setting. Were you vibing "superiority"?. Fuck
that. If you are at a party vibe what you want to vibe at a party. "It's party
time" should be what everyone should read in your eyes. That's alpha. Letting
your feelings flow in concordance with your inner desires and the social
setting. Being confident in doing what you are doing at a certain moment. And
at a party, the congruence attitude is that of being at a party. Fuck all that
and superiority bullshit. Nothing more alpha (and AMOGING BTW, LOL!!!) that
being in your own mood enjoying it at full extend.

>10:00 More people show up
>including HB SurpriseSlut or
>HBss for short. She’s one of 3
>pointed targets I have for
>that night.

Pointed targets for what?... playing cards?... playing "hide-and-seek"....
playing ridiculous "i'm the alpha man" games?...

You can't be any alpha, even more, you can't b any MAN if you don't know even
what you want.

> She enters, I’m
>throwing negs and
>acknowledging the guys around
>her, she’s acting fine. I see
>her sneak off with another
>friend Hbpothead. HBss decides
>to drink. She has 4 shots of
>rum. I stopped using shot
>glasses after 7 and just
>started to toast from my
>bottle. I’m a little messed

What was the purpose of all that "negging", "acknowledging" and drinking from
the bottle shit?. I'll tell you. To project an image of "tough" and emotionally
independent man you are not. Looking for validation. Looking for admiration.
Looking for respect. A personal needy shit you long from others as crazy, as
deep in your heart you are a fucking pussy.

Accept it man. You need to change. You need to stop looking for validation. And
you need to stop writing silly sentences in your hands to remember the state
you need to convey.

It's not about conveying shit. Is not about winning a shit. It's about enjoying
your time and yourself in whatever fucking activity you are involved, because
it is your fucking life and time what is being expended at any second.

Were you there to have fun?. Then have fun. You don't need a fucking reminder
for that. Were you there to meet chicks?. Then do it and stop silly alphaism
and amoging. But you were there looking for validation. And you are so weak you
needed to remind the kind of attitude it's needed to get respect. Pathetic bro.

>10:30 I reengage HBss after
>upholding my Win State frame,
>I’m feeling really confident.
>I walk up to her with direct
>body language, we’re making
>eye contact and she’s glazed
>over from the alcohol, I can
>tell. She immediately grabs
>for me with a hug. I walk
>back, body language neg. She
>complains about how we flirted
>in school and how I don’t want
>to flirt with her now. (Yeah,
>good one. *rolls eyes*) I give
>the group a look like “wtf
>happened to her?” and walk off
>in alpha style.

Yeah very alpha. You were more worried about the people around watching than
about the one-on-one interaction with that chick. Yeah, "rolls eyes", great way
of taking some validation from putting down another person. Yeah, "wtf happened
to her?", as if you were in the position to judge her for just looking for some

You walked off in alpha style?. You walked off scare to the bones of:
1) Going further into the interaction, cause it could drive you to sex.
2) Being judged by the people around.

Better to run away than being exposed to a situation where your personal
feelings of attraction, or your desires could be seen from others.

> This happens
>maybe two more times before
>she’s isolated enough where I
>can go up and whisper
>something in her ear.
>“You get horny as hell when
>you drink, sweetheart.”
>“No, I’m always horny. Now I
>just have an excuse.”

It's not that you took profit on the previous situation to find a way to
isolate the chick. It is that you, cowardly, waited the chance to find a way of
not being exposed to others watching you with that chick so you could play your
"game" from a hidden position. You were not looking for isolation in order to
get her moving to sex. You just feel shame of your own desires and you don't
want others to really know what you are made of. And you just act as a
"cockteaser chick" playing with her lust just to run away as hell as soon as
she responds forward.

And you believe you are alpha?. Look yourself in the mirror kid. No matter how
old you are, you are a pussy teenager at heart, scare to the bones of your own
desires. Ashamed of what you are.

>Whoah. This is basically what
>Gunwitch preaches, coming
>straight from her lips. She
>wants sex. Later she asks me,
>“Are you a virgin.” I stare
>her down and then turn
>around/take away and walk off
>like she’s being annoying;
>little sister frame (thanks

WTF did you expect?. She gave you clues, then she was clear and direct. She
isolated herself for you and you just do nothing when she makes clear she wants
sex. I wonder too if you are virgin. I even wonder why didn't she ask you if
you are gay instead.

And you walked away as a sort of "punishment"?. Thanks TD???. Man, TD would
probably vomit his guts out if he read your post.

>She gets on some guy later,
>he’s a virgin and HBss is
>going off on how she’s going
>to make his first fuck his
>best or something. She’s
>showing very direct body
>language, lots of physical

Of course. A healthy sexual female looking for some action. She preferred a
virgin better than the "alpha shit" he got previously. What did you expect

>I’m kinda drunk and a
>bit overwhelmed at the slutty
>behavior of this perfectly
>decent girl, so I eject again
>and meet up with HBIsrael.


Overwhelmed at the slutty behaviour of this perfectly "decent" girl???.

Man, check your beliefs. You still look at sexuality as something opposite to
decency. No wonder why you try to hide your sexuality from others. You haven't
accept your sexual nature yet, and you judge others for that.

You are so lost your insecurities make you act looking for validation. Stop
that. Get to know yourself. Forget about that alpha impression you want to
cause in others and focus in your real emotional needs. No matter if they are
sexual, social, if you need to play with action-figures or if you miss your mom
giving you a hug. Your emotional needs are your emotional needs. Nothing wrong
with that, nothing to hide. Be congruent with what you are and with what you
feel, and stop looking for being accepted by others. Accept yourself!.

>HBIsrael is an 8 with amazing
>tits. I want them. I’m not
>going to go into that at all
>but later that night I get
>amazing responsive kino back
>from her, and I # close. (I
>gotta say it feels good to
>write “and I # close.” I’m
>really doing this shit…god
>life can change fast.)

So it feels good to write "and i # close". Not just #closing, not fucking that
HB who wanted some action. Just writing here "i got a #close"...

WTF man!!!. Do you want also validation from here!!!... from all those guys who
really went out of their comfort zone? from those who got exposed to
rejection?, from those who decide to accept their manhood and accept

Fuck you man!. Come back when you are man enough as to share your real
feelings, not all that i was so "alpha" shit just to hide from the fact you are
scare of having sex with women you fucking bitch.

>It’s 11:00. HBss has left
>AFC_Virgin and is vibing with
>some guy on the stairs. I sit
>down in a drunk and high
>stupor which provides for
>great cover to act basically
>however I want. (I need to
>assume this frame all the
>time, more aggressive though.)


Yeah, great cover. No one has to see how rotten you are at core, right?.

Man, overcome you ego issues. Accept you manhood. There's nothing wrong in
being a man and wanting to sex women. I know you know it at a rational level,
but you just hide from the man within yourself at an emotional level.

Yes. You have a dick. Are you afraid others can "see" it. Small dick maybe?.
YOu just havent a clue about what good sex is about?...

Confront your fears man!.

>HBss starts the IOIs:
>“I never noticed your leg
>hair, thef0x, but I like it.”
>*She begins rubbing my legs.*
>She puts her arms around both
>of us, the two guys on each
>side, then focuses solely on
>me, rubbing my back softly.
>Then the hand massage. I
>comment, “You’re very good at
>that, where did you learn how
>to do that? You have to teach
>me.” (I really do want to
>learn. The shit she did to my
>hand made me hard, it was
>weird.) She responds: “Yeah, I
>guess I just know how to use
>my touch to please boys.” LOL.
>I had a hard time not laughing
>so I pretended like I was
>passing out again.

Are you proud of your reaction?. A chick telling you how she knows how to use
her touch to please guys and you laugh your ass out?. Are you fucking nuts or

Oh well... you pretended like you was passing out again... very alpha...

>Then the other AFC guy trys to
>isolate her, “want to go on a
>walk.” She refuses at first,
>“I think I need to stay here
>and not move too much.” Huge
>IOI to me. He responds: “I
>can help you up.” She complies
>hesitantly. As she stands she
>positions her right hand
>directly on my crotch and
>stands up. I know its on but
>I’m not sure I want to ride
>the community bike.


Fucking excuses. You are going to rationalize back all kind of fucking excuses
in order not to confront you are just scare as hell of your sexuality.

And you call that guy AFC. At least he perceived she was "on heat" and he tried
an isolation. Props for him. At least he knows what he wants. He might have not
a fucking clue about how to get it of course, but at least he knows what he
wants. Befriend that guy and learn from him how to be more natural regarding
your own desires.

>They come back and I get way
>more kino from the girl, she
>asks lots of questions about
>how I’m uncomfortable around
>her. I respond, “Have you
>heard of projection? It’s when
>someone feels an emotion and
>they put it on someone else to
>ease their emotion. So maybe
>you’re just uncomfortable
>around me.” She seriously
>considers this and realizes,
>even if it wasn’t true two
>seconds ago, it is now. Thank
>you patterning language ;p

Of course she is uncomfortable now, but not due your patterning shit, but
because she was expecting an emotional response of sexual nature and you just
puke on her face all that shit.

But don't worry pal, i bet she was going to get very "comfortable" pretty

>Another random dude isolates
>her and they go make out


> I
>guess, who cares.

Yeah... sure....

>They come
>back in later, she wants to
>go. I stop her, isolate
>quickly and give her a very
>sexual hug, very much my dick
>on her stomach, and # close.



Not bad for someone who doesn't care....


Man you are pathetic.... i can't stop laughing at how much of a bitch you
are.... HAHAHAHA!!!!....

>I pass out at 3, at work at 8,
>writing this at 12:30.
>(As an afterthought before I
>hit the bed, I used to be so
>self conscious about the way I
>looked, wearing baggy clothing
>to try to cover up myself. I
>went piss and looked in the
>mirror and realized that I’m
>THE MAN, that I have the best
>clothing, finest tuned social
>skills, and smartest guy
>there. I’ve changed so much so
>fast, its really mind


THE MAN!!!!!.......

Yeah, tell us about your clothes and style.... don't forget about your hair

Come on man. You are not a man. You are the shadow of a clown.

Get some real action. Listen to your heart. Listen to your real desires. Expose
yourself to a rejection. Expose yourself to be seen hitting on a HB. So

Get the pussy and send those #s to hell. What are you going to do with those
#s?... "Hi baby... i am the one who ran away as a chicken from hell while i
left you go with that guy to suck his dick..., did he like your touch?...
because i know you know how to please guys...."

COME ON!!!...

>I’d like to talk about
>challenge. Competition and
>If I know that HBx wants it,
>do I want it less? The answer
>is yes. There is no chase, no
>hunt, nothing about it from
>that point on makes it about
>being an alpha male. From then
>on its basically just don’t
>fuck up instead of running the
>perfect game until then.

Why are your more basic desires dependent of what a chick might do or not?.

If i'm horny i'm horny for fuck sakes!. If HBx wants it and i like her,
nice!!.. lets fuck!!!....

If i'm not horny.. well... they'll have to try to light my fire then....but the
more they show some "interests", the better... ;-)

>Is it just me or does pegging
>a girl like HBss seem a lot
>less…gratifying. I knew from
>the get go she was going to be
>getting on guys, she had the
>horny look and she was super
>touchy with me. So does that
>diminish my feelings? Yes, it
>sure as fuck did.

Nah. Stop justifying the way you feel in what others do. You are putting
responsibility in the way you feel in others, in the situations, in the
environment... this kind of back rationalization is part of what we call "chick
logic". Stop that shit.

You are the one with a problem. You are the one hidding from your own inner
emotional world. You are yet to accept your manhood and be congruent with it.

>To really get the best ones I
>think you have to keep running
>perfect game up until the
>actual f-close even after
>she’s shown she’s attracted
>(IOIs). If she is a 10 this is
>going to take all the way up
>until end game to do but when
>it does all click you get the
>same reaction I got from HBss.

Perfect game?... you just ruined you chances with those HBs and you dare to
talk about the need of a perfect game?....

Sometimes you only need not to be a moron... that's all. Learn from the

I'm not saying you had to fuck those HB. Not at all. If you were in that party
just to have fun and you were not in the mood for sex that's great, but then
this fucking report doesn't belong to this forum.

If we are talking about how to laid HBs then the first step is to get to know
what you really want. What do you want pal?. It is a rethoric question. What in
the core of your heart you had loved had happened that night with any of those
chicks?, the one you liked the most?... Thats the point here. Stop fooling
yourself. You didn't fuck the chick you liked because you didn't have the balls
to expose yourself to a rejection, or to a sexual intercourse, whatever...

>Is it just me or does pegging
>a drunk horny girl feel like
>taking advantage of someone. I
>think I’m still programmed to
>think that getting head or sex
>(dunno what would’ve happened)
>that night is just too fast.
>I’m all for sex but I guess
>I’m still a pussy about
>getting it so quickly, about
>escalating, about a one night

You are a pussy about everything. That's it.

>How have you guys gotten over
>this? It’s almost a fear of
>I’m actually afraid of a one
>night stand…
>Any thoughts?

You are afraid of sex. You are probably afraid of your sex performance because
you probably don't have a fucking clue about how to give amazing sexual
pleasure to a woman.

You are afraid of getting your feeling exposed to others. Of being seeing as a
"loser", as weak. As someone who has emotional needs from others.

But guess what. We all have emotional needs. We all need others to fill the
emotional gaps, no matter if sexual or non-sexual.

Stop pretending and comfront your fears. Go beyond your comfort zone. Don't use
what you learn here as a way of protect your ego from being hurt. It can't be
done. Accept your nature as a man. You deserve joy, and you deserve pain, and
you deserve sex, and you deserve rejection, and you deserve everything we
humans deserve. Life your fucking life, not a pathetic character role brought
to cover from others.



"The reason of the unreason that afflicts my reason, in such a manner weakens
my reason that I with reason lament me of your comeliness." - Don Quijote de la

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