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Re: HB9 “friend” wants to move in to my house

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: HB9 “friend” wants to move in to my house
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Okay, man, you're not thinking too straight, but let me fix your shit for you.
Here's what you're going to do:

Have a bottle of wine when she comes over, have the lights low, be looking good
but chilled out (don't put on a suit or dress up, but do clean yourself up).

If you already have wine there, great. If you don't, don't buy anything
expensive. Get a couple bottles of Charles Shaw if you can, but if not get a
bottle of Sutter or something for $6.

When she comes over, pour wine, and drink. Screen her, act like you're in
charge (and you are! remember that man).

Okay, then push it really hard. I don't care whatchu thinking, man, let me tell
you that if she won't fuck with you after you been friends for over six months
without seeing each other in a while, then forget it. So push it *hard*, "make
the ho say no" as Gunwitch would say.

Okay, now this is the most important thing:

Fuck her, then absolutely don't let her move in with you. You'll still be
straight with her and can tap it when you want to, but she's going to lose all
respect for you if y'all start living together.


She comes over
Send her off

Capiche? Post the lay report.

On 7/15/05 9:41:00 AM, So_Cute wrote:
>First of all, I haven't laid
>this girl, I haven't even
>kissed her. We went to the
>same school together and she
>was a few years below me. I
>kinda specialise in fucking
>younger women from my school
>but I have fallen into the
>friendship zone with this one,
>mainly because I have had
>other options.
>Well we were smsing each other
>the other day and she tells me
>she really wants to move out
>of home because her parents
>want her out (party girl). Her
>main complaint was, "They tell
>me to be home at 12 every
>night, I'm 18!!".
>I'm meeting up with her soon
>to show her the place but The
>thing is, I am a friend to
>her. Although we NEVER meet up
>and I haven't even seen her in
>about 6 months, we keep in
>touch through sms in friendly
>terms. I have a whole new asf
>game now though so my plan is
>to try that and see if she
>falls for it. It would be nice
>to have a HB9 piece of ass
>waiting for you at home every
>night. It would affect my
>sarging but I'd still be able
>to sarge daytime and some
>The problem is that I may not
>be able to attract her and in
>that case I don't want her to
>move in. I'm pondering what to

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