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Field Report: Social Alphaism and Thoughts on a ONS

mASF post by PlayerQ20

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Field Report: Social Alphaism and Thoughts on a ONS
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mASF post by "PlayerQ20"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Damn, you got served!! AAAAGGGGHHH!! Good thoughts Jimbo.
I'm going to throw in some of my take on this too, because a lot of it - and
Jimbo covered much of this - just doesn't make sense.

Again, like Jimbo, I'm trying to help.

>I’m using PU in a very
>different manner from most of
>you guys. I’m, in essence,
>picking up everyone. Guys,
>girls, young, old, whatever.
>And my real close is
>untarnished respect from
>everyone around me; I want to
>be THE alpha male.

That's good and all, but it sounds like you're trying to earn someone's
respect. In essence that suggests you are trying to qualify yourself in front
of others. Alpha's just are.

>The setting: bbq and then
>party at a good friend of
>mines house, fairly exclusive
>(in the beginning) and a good
>group of folks. I have half a
>gallon of vodka that I
>baby-sit on and off.
>9:00 Everyone starts to show
>up. Good cool, I make
>connections with everyone that
>come in, hugs, superior eye
>contact, AMOG all the guys but
>make them feel at home, I’m
>really using Craig’s “My
>house” frame. I have “Win
>State, Bitch” written on my
>hand, which ends up becoming a
>prop, lol.

>10:00 More people show up
>including HB SurpriseSlut or
>HBss for short. She’s one of 3
>pointed targets I have for
>that night. She enters, I’m
>throwing negs and
>acknowledging the guys around
>her, she’s acting fine. I see
>her sneak off with another
>friend Hbpothead. HBss decides
>to drink. She has 4 shots of
>rum. I stopped using shot
>glasses after 7 and just
>started to toast from my
>bottle. I’m a little messed
>10:30 I reengage HBss after
>upholding my Win State frame,
>I’m feeling really confident.
>I walk up to her with direct
>body language, we’re making
>eye contact and she’s glazed
>over from the alcohol, I can

So, she's wasted...

She immediately grabs
>for me with a hug. I walk
>back, body language neg. She
>complains about how we flirted
>in school and how I don’t want
>to flirt with her now. (Yeah,
>good one. *rolls eyes*) I give
>the group a look like “wtf
>happened to her?” and walk off
>in alpha style. This happens
>maybe two more times before
>she’s isolated enough where I
>can go up and whisper
>something in her ear.
>“You get horny as hell when
>you drink, sweetheart.”
>“No, I’m always horny. Now I
>just have an excuse.”

Ok, stop. So you're gaming this chick, she tells you she now has an excuse to
hook up and you don't lead her away and fclose at this point?

This is textbook. A woman actually telling you that she is using an excuse in
order to have sex and you don't capitalize? WTF?

What would an ALPHA do? Well, if the ALPHA was gaming this girl he would've
banged her at this stage.

>Whoah. This is basically what
>Gunwitch preaches, coming
>straight from her lips. She
>wants sex. Later she asks me,
>“Are you a virgin.” I stare
>her down and then turn
>around/take away and walk off
>like she’s being annoying;
>little sister frame (thanks

Again, what the hell? How about: "Why don't we find out?" And then grab this
girl and isolate and fclose. She's *somewhat* challenging you here, and I use
the word *somewhat* very lightly and you run away?

>She gets on some guy later,
>he’s a virgin and HBss is
>going off on how she’s going
>to make his first fuck his
>best or something. She’s
>showing very direct body
>language, lots of physical
>IOIs. I’m kinda drunk and a
>bit overwhelmed at the slutty
>behavior of this perfectly
>decent girl, so I eject again
>and meet up with HBIsrael.

I disagree. You lost to an AFC and you're now using an excuse to account for
your error.

>HBIsrael is an 8 with amazing
>tits. I want them. I’m not
>going to go into that at all
>but later that night I get
>amazing responsive kino back
>from her, and I # close. (I
>gotta say it feels good to
>write “and I # close.” I’m
>really doing this shit…god
>life can change fast.)

Good job with Israel, however, I would add that numbers mean very little. Now,
if you makeout or fclose and get the number, then it's usually solid.
Otherwise, it's a "the check is in the mail" type thing.

>It’s 11:00. HBss has left
>AFC_Virgin and is vibing with
>some guy on the stairs. I sit
>down in a drunk and high
>stupor which provides for
>great cover to act basically
>however I want. (I need to
>assume this frame all the
>time, more aggressive though.)
>HBss starts the IOIs:

Alpha's just are. They don't need a cover. They don't need to pretend. They
don't make excuses for their desires or behaviors. They just are.

>“I never noticed your leg
>hair, thef0x, but I like it.”
>*She begins rubbing my legs.*
>She puts her arms around both
>of us, the two guys on each
>side, then focuses solely on
>me, rubbing my back softly.
>Then the hand massage. I
>comment, “You’re very good at
>that, where did you learn how
>to do that? You have to teach
>me.” (I really do want to
>learn. The shit she did to my
>hand made me hard, it was
>weird.) She responds: “Yeah, I
>guess I just know how to use
>my touch to please boys.” LOL.
>I had a hard time not laughing
>so I pretended like I was
>passing out again.

Whu? How about taking her hand and taking her upstairs.

>Then the other AFC guy trys to
>isolate her, “want to go on a
>walk.” She refuses at first,
>“I think I need to stay here
>and not move too much.” Huge
>IOI to me. He responds: “I
>can help you up.” She complies
>hesitantly. As she stands she
>positions her right hand
>directly on my crotch and
>stands up. I know its on but
>I’m not sure I want to ride
>the community bike.
>They come back and I get way
>more kino from the girl, she
>asks lots of questions about
>how I’m uncomfortable around
>her. I respond, “Have you
>heard of projection? It’s when
>someone feels an emotion and
>they put it on someone else to
>ease their emotion. So maybe
>you’re just uncomfortable
>around me.” She seriously
>considers this and realizes,
>even if it wasn’t true two
>seconds ago, it is now. Thank
>you patterning language ;p

Ummmmmm...this sounds stupid to me. What is the aim here? To make her realize
that she is uncomfortable in your presence. That's one sure way of not getting

Dude, this girl is vibing and you're not vibing back, but she's giving you
ample opportunity to get in synch with her.

How about:

HB: You seem uncomfortable around me..
q20: I am, I'm not sure whether or not you're a good kisser. (begin makeout and
proceed to fclose)

>Another random dude isolates
>her and they go make out I
>guess, who cares. They come
>back in later, she wants to
>go. I stop her, isolate
>quickly and give her a very
>sexual hug, very much my dick
>on her stomach, and # close.

So, you let some other guy make out with her instead of you banging her and
then you get her #? Dude, what?

>I pass out at 3, at work at 8,
>writing this at 12:30.
>(As an afterthought before I
>hit the bed, I used to be so
>self conscious about the way I
>looked, wearing baggy clothing
>to try to cover up myself. I
>went piss and looked in the
>mirror and realized that I’m
>THE MAN, that I have the best
>clothing, finest tuned social
>skills, and smartest guy
>there. I’ve changed so much so
>fast, its really mind
>I’d like to talk about
>challenge. Competition and
>If I know that HBx wants it,
>do I want it less? The answer
>is yes. There is no chase, no
>hunt, nothing about it from
>that point on makes it about
>being an alpha male. From then
>on its basically just don’t
>fuck up instead of running the
>perfect game until then.

I really am unsure of this. When an interaction ensues, yes, I make the girl
chase, but once her buying-temp is up where I need it to be, then I close. I
don't play hard to get or make her chase me once I know she's ready to go and
I've decided I want to hook up with her.

Otherwise she's going to go and some other guy is going to hookup and
capitalize on the gaming I've invested. Which, ironically, it seems happened
twice in your case.

>Is it just me or does pegging
>a girl like HBss seem a lot
>less…gratifying. I knew from
>the get go she was going to be
>getting on guys, she had the
>horny look and she was super
>touchy with me. So does that
>diminish my feelings? Yes, it
>sure as fuck did.

Feelings? AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH! Are you serious? Are you trying to become
emotionally connected with every girl that you want to bang or have a ONS with?

>To really get the best ones I
>think you have to keep running
>perfect game up until the
>actual f-close even after
>she’s shown she’s attracted
>(IOIs). If she is a 10 this is
>going to take all the way up
>until end game to do but when
>it does all click you get the
>same reaction I got from HBss.

I don't know about this. Then again, I've never closed a 10. I don't even
know if I've ever seen a 10. Different people, different scales.

That said, I would think that if you're dealing with a true 10, then she is not
going to be nearly as overt as HBss. Why? Because she can get any guy she
wants, which means that she is very selective and looking for the best.
Naturally, if a guy isn't picking up on her subtle signals, she's probably not
going to be interested. It's just social programming. She wants the true
Alpha and a true 10 believes she deserves nothing less.

>Is it just me or does pegging
>a drunk horny girl feel like
>taking advantage of someone. I
>think I’m still programmed to
>think that getting head or sex
>(dunno what would’ve happened)
>that night is just too fast.
>I’m all for sex but I guess
>I’m still a pussy about
>getting it so quickly, about
>escalating, about a one night

Pussy. Heh heh. What are your fears about sex?

>How have you guys gotten over
>this? It’s almost a fear of

Thought so.

>I’m actually afraid of a one
>night stand…
>Any thoughts?

What are you afraid of? Are you a sexual being? Are you ALPHA? Are you
trying to become ALPHA? Then why suppress your desires? Why suppress your

Think about how ridiculous this fear is and how limiting it is.
Rules/Principles are one thing, but fear should not be what's holding you back.

Remember, if you do a ONS the girl is in it for the same reasons you are.
There's no trickery or "oh, you mean you didn't want to show me your barry
manilow collection at 3AM?" involved. The girl knows the game and she's a
natural pro at it. So it's a completely casual interaction.

Put this in the absurd. Picture a super-hot girl in a bar, she walks over to
you out of the blue and says take me home. Nothing else. You wouldn't be
scared of taking her home and banging her, right? This is a super-hot girl,
probably the hottest girl at the bar. All she wants is you. All she wants is
to express her sexual being and she wants you to enjoy your sexual being with

Would you say no? Because you're afraid? I didn't think so. There, you're
over your fear of ONS.



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