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mASF post by Jimbo

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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Nice thread bros.

It's amazing for me how a lot of people doesn't understand yet, specially here
in ASF, what to be an alpha male is. Incredible!.

I'm not opening the debate again, but for those really interested in
understanding our real human nature, please read Marvin Harris's "Our Species".
You might get a better perspective on what was required for us, as species, in
order to survive.

Anyway, the point is no matter what you are made of, if you have the will, if
you are decided to do what is necessary to change, you can become highly
effective in almost any normal human activity. And having sex is the most
common activity for humans!!!.

Hey, i'm fucking women since i was 16, and everyone who knows me can tell you
i'm not from another planet, not the ultimate "paradigm of an alpha male", not
the ultra-handsome guy many chicks long for. And if i've improved my sexual
life making it fit to my personal "real" needs, it's just applying some common
sense from what i've learnt here (special thx to Gunwitch), and a minimum of
will to change. That's all.

It's not about becoming the ultra-alpha who fucks every HB around. It's about
having the sexual life you just want, about satisfying your real needs in
accordance with your personal sexual drive, whatever it's huge, average or

So stop comparing with others, stop comparing with what others may get from
their game, and focus on what you really want and need.

ITOH QSB has said something i'd like to comment:

>men exploit women's weaknesses to get
>us into bed.
>women exploit men's weaknesses to get
>you BACK into bed.

A really bad frame IMHO. It's not about "exploiting weaknesses". If i get a
woman into my bed it's basically due:
1) She already loves sex.
2) She finds me appealing enough in that moment/situation/circumstance.
3) There are not serious "barriers" keeping us from being "together".

Of course PUing many times is a matter of presenting yourself appealing and
removing barriers, but that's another question. Point here is to frame sexual
intercourse as something more natural than it might be understood from reading
those sentences talking about "female/male weaknesses".

>we lie through our TEETH after
>we've fucked a guy to get him
>to come back, talking about how
>you made us feel and how you were
>the best or the biggest or whatever.
>when the truth is, you were just
>refuckable and we want to hit that
>shit again rather than dealing with
>all the bullshit of finding someone
>new to fuck.
>and we want you to fuck us the best
>you know how.

This fits perfectly with point 1) about women loving sex and with point 3)
avoiding barriers, so even how good in bed or how appealing is a guy is
secondary in certain circumstances. In this cases you are just getting a good
doses of regular sex following an easy path. That's all. Like having lunch in a
Burger King if you don't have the time for enjoying a real good meal at a
really good restaurant.

>best way to get a guy to do that: feed his ego.

I bet it is in many cases!. LOL!. Reverse guy/girl roles in your example and
tell me what you think!. ;-)

>let him know how good it is
>(even if it's just average -
>amazingly enough, ONE moan from
>a woman can get a guy to go from
>a boring fuck to a really passionate
>intense one!). give him a bunch of
>lines about how great he was or how
>special or how good he made ya feel,
>and make him feel special. he craves
>emotions and attention; feed it.


Reverse roles again please!!!. ;-)

Yeah, you are right. This can work in many cases, as works with women also, but
getting back to the topic of this thread, let me add that for some men, we come
back to have sex with a woman if the previous experience was good enough as to
give it another try. No moan no feeding my ego no bullshit would get me back to
having sex with someone i found a bad lover. Why?. Easy. Some men have other
"options". Just like some women do.

We are talking about typical situations with typical people, but the point i
wanted to underline here is, have you ever noticed how the "mere presence" of a
man in front of you, his mere "awareness" of you, has affected you in a special
way?. Like you felt a sort of uncertainty, confusion, not knowing how to react,
maybe smiling in a silly way?. I guess this is what PlayerSupreme is talking
about when he talks about the effect that real masculinity has on healthy
feminine women.

At least sometimes i've noticed personally how my mere awareness of the
presence of a beautiful women has affected said woman in a way she got like in
trance. Just by looking deep in her eyes and feeling her femininity, her real
nature, her need to react submissive to my male energy. Sometimes it was while
taking the change from a female cashier, sometimes when asking for help to a
female clerk, sometimes just talking about whatever shit in a professional

Sometimes we men affect women in such an intense way most people won't easily
accept it. Specially nowadays with all that "politically correct" bullshit
hitting us everywhere. But we do. And you women know it... i mean... feel it!.

Notice that if i talk about dominant/submissive roles i'm not talking about
social rights, nor superiority/inferiority issues between genders, but the
natural masculine/feminine roles involved when sexual tension arises.

How close to that natural role can we allow ourselves to be?. How close to our
inner nature are we disposed to get despite social brainwashing?. This is what
requires a certain "amount" of will and the decision to do whatever it takes.

Becoming an alpha?. Fuck that. That "alpha male" dick is not the one bringing
pleasure to my life. Only my own dick, alpha or not, is the one bringing
pleasure to my life. The best dick on planet!!!. LOL!!!. ;-)

Best regards.


"The reason of the unreason that afflicts my reason, in such a manner weakens
my reason that I with reason lament me of your comeliness." - Don Quijote de la

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