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Against the BASICS

mASF post by Chance

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Against the BASICS
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mASF post by "Chance"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Sharpshooter, you are ignoring the fact that my post was titled "BASICS" for a
reason. It's intended for guys who make themselves look WORSE trying to run
stories or do techniques because they aren't internally validated, and it fucks
them up.

For a long time this was me. I was putting the horse before the carriage. I
was trying to lead girls when I could not lead myself. If my material hit, I
would feel great. If it missed, I would feel bad. Why? Because I was at the
mercy of the girls' reaction to me. "Hm, it must be my delivery." "Hm, I said
that story at the wrong time." No, the problem was that I was too anxious for
the outcome to go my way and my analytical mind was engaged too much for me to
be in the moment with the girl.

Being a comedian is not the same as seducing a girl. I know the two concepts
are closely intertwined on this site, but they are NOT the same. You don't
have to be a street performer to get chicks! Really! Before I found ASF, I
followed the DJ Bible on and I had success with it. The DJ Bible
does not advocate dancing on your head for the girl. And guess what? Dancing
on your head is not a pre-requisite to get hot chicks. At all.

Gunwitch doesn't advocate this either. Nor Badboy, nor Razorjack, nor Dimitri,
nor Woodhaven.

So comparing the two is a moot point and simply an arbitrary choice on your
part, because that is the style you use.

There is no "laziness" involved in being internally validated. Laziness is the
avoidance of work. When you are internally validated, you realize that there
IS NO WORK to be done, or very little. You need not perform. You would do
well to broaden your view of PU outside of ASF dogma.

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