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Re: VS. The Rich and Famous

mASF post by finalD

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Re: VS. The Rich and Famous
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mASF post by "finalD"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2002

formhandle wrote in news:[email protected]:

> They became rich & famous because of the kind of guys they are and the
> kind of character/personality they have. It's that character and
> personality which is the attractant to the chicks they've gotten. If
> they didn't have those things going for them, they wouldn't have been
> rich & famous in the first place.
> Keep in mind there is a difference between EARNED fame & fortune and
> guys who are basically born into wealth or win the lottery.

There's something to this. I do agree, that someone like Ross Perot, who
"earned" his money, is going to have a go-getter attitude about a lot of
things, and probably therefore about learning to land hot-looking women
despite the fact that he looks like the product of a mating between Yoda
and Rosie O'Donnel.

For me, that's the best part of PU. It has applications to all aspects of
life. If you find yourself attracting loonies and freaks who seem to want
to take advantage of you, then you're probably emanating some sort of "take
advantage of me" aura out to the universe. Learn to modify that. On the
other hand, if great people are coming around you, and your life is full of
folks who seem to be able to aid you and add positive opportunities to your
life, then some of those people are bound to be really together, with-it,
hot-looking women as well. So, BECOMING A GREAT PERSON and thereby
attracting other great people, is all part of the PU game. The lesson
trickles down into all aspects of life.

But I don't want to go too far along that, as far as the wealth that many
men accumulated goes. The stories are often a lot less star-studded than
the typical American myth-making machine wants us to believe. It could
indeed be that the women who are dating Ross Perot are attracted to him
because he's a real go-getter. Or they could simply be attracted to wealth
itself, and the things it can buy: they like riding around in fast cars, or
going on free trips to Cancun and to private islands in the Caribbean, or
lounging by a multi-million-dollar pool or in the sauna and having some
pool-boy bring them drinks (and it's possible, as well, that the pool-boy
is boning them and they're not putting out for Ross, we'll never know).

Further, it's possible that people like Hefner are lucky about money, just
like some children of Saudi princes are lucky. They just happened to be
born into it, and maybe Hefner just happened to run a business that
happened to take advantage of a certain niche market that arose at exactly
the right time for him to make a million almost inadvertently. We'll never
know. Bill Gates is a better example of this, than Hefner. Sure, Bill
worked his ass off for the first few years of Microsoft's existence, so in
that sense he "earned" his money. But to the contrary, his family was very
well connected -- grandfather founded a bank, mother on the board at IBM --
so it's also true that he could get the ear of many decision makers when
other competitor entrepeneurs in the early computer industry couldn't.
Furthermore, before founding Microsoft, Bill had started several companies
already, all of which had failed to the point of insolvency. The "typical"
American mythmaker would cast those failures as, a story of a young man who
just wouldn't quit, and then would try to create a myth with the moral as
success rewarding persistent people -- you know, the whole Abe Lincoln
thing. But the fact is, that because Bill's family was so RICH in the first
place, Bill could AFFORD to undergo insolvency and just abandon those
projects. Most average people would have had to give up on entrepeneurship
for a while, if they'd experienced several financially catastrophic
insolvencies in a row, merely in order to BUY DINNER; Bill didn't have to
worry about that, cuz mommy and daddy bailed him out. So, we could describe
Bill as someone who "has the character" of a business mogul, and that this
character also eventually attracts women; or, from similar evidence, we
could describe him differently, as someone who got rich by a bit of luck
who NOW attracts shallow women because of his money.

Basically, my point is, that there's no way to know the true heart of
another man simply from the public story of his successes. Does the guy
have the guts to be a PUA, or is he just relying on his face? Is it skills
or genetic luck? Each man must be his own judge, when he looks at himself
in the mirror. In either case, the man is probably NOT happy if it's JUST
luck, because he's (a) not able to take credit for his successes (b) not
able to GUARANTEE FUTURE SUCCESSES (c) likely the victim of shallower
women. A man who built his empire from the bottom up on the basis of strong
character and good decisions, also has the character judgment to keep at
bay the preying gold-diggers. A man who doesn't know why he's at the top
and is as befuddled as you or me about his money-making, is also likely to
quickly part with his dough and wonder why his "beloved" friends and
girlfriends are so evil and selfish toward him.

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