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Lay Report: Impossible is nothing(pics)

mASF post by ox

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Lay Report: Impossible is nothing(pics)
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/24/05 6:02:00 PM, APHRODISIAC wrote:
>On 7/24/05 2:17:00 PM, ox wrote:
>>Disclaimer: i am posting pics
>>Man, back to back lays. I cant
>>believe it. Got laid friday,
>>and saturday with different
>>girls. I thought it was
>>impossible. Another limiting
>>belief out the window. Time
>>for major paradigm shifting.
>>This time the girl was really
>>hot, me thinks(yoda speaking).
>>My streak is getting insane: 9
>>for 12. 9 new girls in the
>>last 12 weeks. i cant believe
>>this shit. I cant breath man
>>2 fucking hours from meet to
>>lay. Awesome.
>>Ok. I roll out. I am tired and
>>couldnt sleep much. I start
>>thinking about getting laid
>>again. Bad thinking. Outcome
>>oriented. I start thinking:
>>shit can i pull back to back
>>lays? Naaaahhh. That will
>>never happen. Stinking
>>thinking. Get rid of it
>>playas(i like this word by
>>player supreme, actually
>>“playas” means “beaches” in
>>spanish, lol.). We should go
>>out to have fun, getting laid
>>or not is the result of our
>>fun, not an end. Anyway this
>>explains my later bombing in
>>state. State dropping and
>>outcome orientation is the
>>single most important sp in my
>>game right now and i have no
>>clue as to how to get rid of
>>1 venue.
>>I come in. Totally cool and
>>determine to keep state no
>>matter what. Saturday is my
>>big night. Lots of people and
>>lots of partying in the town
>>near my town. So it is sarging
>>central big time.
>>As i move to the bathroom, my
>>sarging place, i spot a 2 set
>>i had sarged before with a hot
>>hb7,5 that i like a lot. She
>>is sexy as hell and a slut
>>face. She always flirts with
>>me but never delivers. It is
>>her blonde friend that keeps
>>cock blocking me. I go in and
>>get reacquainted quickly. I
>>start befriending her blonde
>>friend. I go with candf, and
>>chill them out. Hb7,5 is being
>>slightly ignored. She is a
>>party chick that never stops
>>dancing. She has like
>>batteries up her butt. I
>>likeher so much and she makes
>>my dick hard. Anyway, i dance
>>with her and game her for a
>>while. Totally party, flirty
>>chick. The other one gets the
>>hint from me and goes to the
>>toilet and isolate us for a
>>Ox: ok. I really like you and
>>you tell what do you have
>>going for yourself other than
>>She smiles at me with a bitchy
>>smile and i want to grab her
>>and kclose her right there.
>>Somehow i am a chicken again.
>>I cant figure out this girl.
>>She want qualify. Fuck.
>>We continue talking and
>>chilling i am way passed hook
>>point and the other comes back
>>from the toilet. Fuck. After
>>half an hour they leave. I try
>>to number close her and it
>>comes accross needy as fuck.
>>She got my frame by the balls.
>>She said to call her at the
>>office and that her number is
>>in the yellow pages(true, she
>>works for tax agency). Fuck.
>>Triple fuck.
>>I start moving around. Music
>>is loud as fuck. Place packed
>>with people. Sweating and
>>shit. I am getting
>>claustrophobic and i venue
>>change myself.
>>I proceed to 2 venue changes
>>more. Places are totally
>>unsargeable. Music loud as
>>fuck. There are so many people
>>packed up inside that you have
>>to push your way in. Not cool.
>>Anyway, i had agreed to meet
>>with a girl i laid 2 weeks ago
>>in a venue. I arrive and the
>>place is packed to the tilt.
>>Pushing and sweating through
>>people. I see her and she is
>>mad because i didnt go and see
>>her yesterday. She kisses me
>>on the cheek. I am not in the
>>mood for shit. So i say i go
>>the toilet.
>>When i come back, she is
>>talking very closely to some
>>dude. It kind of hurts me but
>>on the other hand is the
>>perfect excuse to drop her
>>skinny ass for good. I
>>approach them and i say i am
>>leaving. If that was her
>>little plan to make me jealous
>>it is working. I felt bad as
>>fuck. Still it was a good
>>thing. however i still wanted
>>to fuck her a couple of times.
>>But she was bitching me about
>>ltr already. So fuck it.
>>I am seeing that my night is
>>going down. My state bombing
>>and i cant pick it up. It is
>>pathetic. It is happening over
>>and over. I look good and have
>>crazy ai from girls but i feel
>>bad and my state goes down and
>>i cant approach.
>>Anyway, i try to find a
>>sarging friendly place. I find
>>one but wont approach. Anxiety
>>had set in. Fuck.
>>I go outside. Sit on the
>>sidewalk and feel like a loser
>>for awhile. Pu my ass. I get
>>up and decided to call it a
>>night ...and. as i go back to
>>my car i pass by my socially
>>proofed bar. I decide to give
>>myself the benefit of the
>>doubt and open one last
>>set(actually i did 2 sets in
>>the whole night). as i go in,
>>i spot my baseball guys. They
>>spot me and come quickly to
>>say hello.
>>I shortly stand around and i
>>look a 2 set near me. A
>>hbbrunette gives me the
>>craziest ai in history. I dont
>>hesitate and approach with
>>situational. All of a sudden
>>my game is back..voala. all it
>>took was a crazy ai from a hot
>>brunette, long black hair,
>>crazy body, cute face, cute
>>mouth. Only thing is she is in
>>her early thirties girl but
>>totally ltr material. Loved
>>her. All my push and pulls,
>>take aways start flying like
>>mortar fire. Body language
>>spot on. I am befriending the
>>fattie and slightly ignoring
>>After situational, we start
>>commonalities. they ask me
>>where i am from and i respond
>>with a pre-packaged routine i
>>have. It flies. They laugh
>>mad. I am able to transition
>>from laughing to serious, to
>>laughing again...maintain the
>>vibe for while and wait for my
>>high octane to smash target at
>>first opportunity.
>>I do take aways by saying
>>hello to people and bear
>>hugging some guys. All of this
>>makes their heads spin. They
>>are not ready for this. Then
>>as usual my best friend hot
>>girl friend comes and takes me
>>away from them and tells me my
>>friend is mad at me for
>>skipping a game yesterday. We
>>talk for a while and the 2 set
>>is flipping with my social
>>proof. Many guys come and say
>>hello. And i go back and
>>regame set and keep them on
>>the leash.
>>Ox: you know, you have a good
>>job and you are great but can
>>you cook?
>>Hbbrunette: of course. I can
>>cook anything you want.
>>Ox: ok. I will marry you.(hug)
>>Ox: wait(pull away), push and
>>pull tactics(i dont remember).
>>Vacuum her in with compliment.
>>Ox: do you think we make agood
>>Fattie: yes.
>>Ox: u think our kids would be
>>good looking.( i say this
>>while hugging her and touching
>>our faces together, funny
>>Hbbrunnette: of course, if
>>they look like me
>>Ox: you bad girl.
>>I take a picture and they are
>>loving it.
>>Fattie: what do you do?
>>I pull out camera and show
>>picture of me at work and say
>>to guess my job. They guess
>>wrong and i say that i will
>>say later if she is good. Been
>>experimenting with this and it
>>always create comfort and
>>trust. They realize i am a
>>regular guy with a job, not
>>some kind of drug dealer or
>>night creature. It grounds me
>>to them, plus skyrockets
>>value. In the picture i am in
>>the office with some hi-fi
>>equipment in the back and i
>>look busy.
>>I venue change them inside the
>>venue. We go to a quieter
>>place. I start grinding with
>>my hb brunette, always keeping
>>the eye on the fattie, making
>>her feel good, joking with
>>her, fattie is in fattie
>>heaven. She hadnt got this
>>kind of attention from a hot
>>guy in her fucking life.
>>Naturally she leaves us alone
>>and disappears into the crowd.
>>God bless mystery for
>>befriending obstacle
>>technique. We are alone and
>>grinding mad. Time for kiss
>>close. I am a little concern
>>because there has been no
>>serious rapport but fuck it.
>>Girl is hot.
>>Ox: i like you and you kind of
>>confuse me. I feel like i want
>>to do something...(i look at
>>her like i am about to kiss
>>her but i dont. Triangular
>>gazing,)..she is tranced. She
>>wants it.
>>Ox: ok. Would you like to kiss
>>me righ now?
>>She is giggly and shit. Not
>>Ox: you probably cant kiss
>>well anywho.(tongue in cheek)
>>Hb: i can kiss really well.
>>I k-close her.
>>Ox: that was not bad but i am
>>missing something(like i was a
>>little disappointed.)
>>Hb brunette proceeds to tongue
>>rape me. Embarrassing shit.
>>So it is on. We are getting
>>hot as hell. Fatty comes back
>>and continue to befriend her.
>>By this time she loves me too
>>and invites to stay in her
>>flat in her town whenever i
>>want to...he, fatty wants a
>>piece of the action. Not in
>>the mood for a three some with
>>I feel i dont have enough
>>rapport so i throw mystery´s
>>question game...flies through
>>the roof and things start to
>>get really hot. I tell her
>>that if we continue like this
>>she is going to have to bear
>>the consequences...i mean she
>>is grinding my dick mad....she
>>says that she feels the same
>>way too...lay is on. Time to
>>Fattie wants to go and she
>>says we should do whatever we
>>want and that she is going to
>>bed..i say we can all go to
>>sleep together.
>>Fatty suggests we 3 sleep
>>together and ask me if i have
>>what i takes. I say uhhmmm.
>>Meaning i dont know...fattie
>>says sure i can. I say ok.
>>Hbbrunette doesnt want share
>>me so i say we are going only
>>to sleep because i am
>>tired(standard fuck teaser
>>line). Brunette bites the hook
>>and say we will see to that.
>>Meaning she is hot as hell.
>>We walk slowly home. I am
>>talking to both of them and
>>keeping the vibe. We get in
>>the house and me and brunette
>>go to living room sofa. She
>>turns off the lights and
>>fattie goes to bed but comes
>>and hangs around for a while.
>>I think she wants threesome. I
>>am not up for it. Really guys.
>>I want to bone brunette.
>>So finally fattie goes to bed.
>>I proceed to build more
>>rapport in the sofa becuase
>>she is a little tense. I
>>caress her butt with my hand
>>under the miniskirt in such a
>>way that it is a very light
>>touch that makes the hair on
>>her butt stand on end. Her
>>skin crispy under my touch. I
>>know she is horny as fuck but
>>proceed slowly to drive her
>>mad. i know this is an
>>overkill but hell, wtf. I
>>decide to finger her. When i
>>go and stick my finger, her
>>pussy is dripping wet, i mean,
>>literally, my hand comes out
>>wet. Her g-string is soaking
>>wet. I look at her and called
>>her on it. She said that
>>that´s the reason why she had
>>gone to the toilet twice. One
>>in the venue, one at home. I
>>realize she went to the toilet
>>to dry herself. Fuck.
>>Anyway, i strip her and she
>>has one of the tightest bodies
>>i ever fucked. Probably a high
>>8 body wise. Flat stomach.
>>Perky medium tits. And big
>>tight ass. Just as i like it.
>>When i go down pussy is so wet
>>that when i open her legs i
>>see a slab of thick vagina
>>juice open stretching from one
>>leg tothe other. I have admit
>>i never seen anything like
>>this before. Wtf. Girl was
>>dripping fucking wet down her
>>leg. Freaks me out but i
>>proceed to licking anyway. I
>>am a pig. I know.
>>I fucked her and she talks
>>dirty in my ear while i fuck
>>her. I order her not to come
>>quickly. Sofa is uncomfortable
>>and we try different
>>positions. I cant come because
>>i laid a girl last night so i
>>cant come easy. So proceed to
>>jerk off while she sucks my
>>balls. Came in her mouth and
>>she swallowed all of it.
>>Time to lay: 2 hours
>>Fucking time: 1 hour
>>Debrief: she says that she
>>loved that i approach her
>>right off the bat. Aka 3
>>second rule. She loves a man
>>that comes directly and takes
>>what he wants(bravo for the
>>direct method guys, she
>>actually reminded me of our
>>age old debate). She is going
>>afc on me as i leave. Asking
>>me if i ever gonna call her. I
>>say sure...may be.
>>Keys to lay
>>1. i rock
>>2. you can get laid even when
>>the state is not there. It
>>only takes one good set to
>>pick up your mood.
>>3. befriending obstacle. She
>>isolated us.
>>4. tease pussy until the last
>>i cant breathe...
>great work ox, great work. The 3 sec
>rule rocks. i opened the lesbo with the
>same 3 s rule and got that far. aaah by
>the way, what is mystery's question
>game? any links?? just coz i use mystery
>as well, most of the time!
>best regards,

i dont know really where you can find it. it is not in bristollair. it is one
of the greatest rapport weapons in my arsenal. and i am able to pull it almost
any time now. most important is that she understands and complies the rules of
the game. i dug this game from mystery´s archives.

Question game...
Have you ever played the question game

1. you have to tell the truth, nothing but the truth(like truth or dare but
without the dare because i dont know how weird you really are.
2. you cant ask the same question asked.
3. you have to ask questions that let skeletons out of the closet
4. one question at a time with turns
5. you go first

how many boyfriends have you had?
Conversation evolves into sexual topics

How many times do you masturbate?

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