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Lay Report+FRs: Europe Adventure Vol. 1 (long)

mASF post by HollywoodMack

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Lay Report+FRs: Europe Adventure Vol. 1 (long)
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mASF post by "HollywoodMack"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

Hey Playahs (i spell it with an h cuz it don't mean beach ox)

So! The first leg of my Europe Adventure is starting out with a fuckin bang.

Never realized I could function on so little sleep.

Soon as I got off the plane in Heathrow from LA, I was workin it. Not too

many hotties at the airport and I had just missed a night's sleep.

Wednesday: First Sarge in the UK
Took the Tube to my bud's scary East End neighborhood. My first impression

of London and it's tenements and ghetto stands on the street. Bud tells me to

wait at the pub across the way. I get up there and I'm excited. My first

pub!! It's a younger student joint and I get a pint to wind down while I

Naturally eventually an HB8 rolls in. She looks nasty ... hot and slutty. She

starts drinking for real -- lone wolf at the bar. I have to pinch a loaf so I

her commanding her to watch over my stuff while I go to the "loo." She looks

kind of pissed off which is cool. I get back and thank her briefly, she seems

pretty resistant to my vibe so I go back to my bags to give her space, and

write in my journal.

Then I go open her again... I could tell she missed me and was wondering if

I'd come back. She is belligerent and eating up my attraction game.

Turns out she's from North London and is drinking a bunch cuz some dude

fucked her over. She buys me a pint and keeps calling my conversation
boring, I do mini takeaways looking out the windows at the beautiful Summer

London evening, and she's feeling my kino. Fucking hot blue-eyed Egyptian-

Italian but hard to understand with that North London accent, wtf. Tried to

close when bud got there but I think she was engaged or something (she

claimed the ring was a decoy) cuz she wanted my info but would not give out.

Bud said she looked crazy disappointed when I was about to leave her. You

missed out honey!

Extended Social Circle Foundation Laying
Business associate's employee's sister is hangin out at establishment on
Thursday. They are Polish, seems like every single fucking Polish chick I meet

is at least an 8. They are so damn hot, and slimmer than these chubby
English broads. Also hot body language.

She's 19 and has a beautiful Slavic face, those slanty eyes etc. Good body with

tig bitties. I take her for a long walk (several hours|) around London and we

barely know wtf we're looking at. Lots of rapport to get her real comfortable,

attraction assumed as I have tons of social proof etc. Go for kiss a few times

toward end of walk but she isn't quite ready. We go back to office and I miss

my opportunity to isolate away from brother who is anything but
cockblocking. She was obviously getting really hot and bothered, was
giggling b/c she recognized all her buttons were being pressed but she loved

it of course. 1/2 *close upon goodbye ... texted her today, i'll get together

with her and !close this week. Can't wait to hit that fresh young pussy.

Poland Proves its Mettle
Then the whirlwind tour to Poland for the weekend. Warsaw Friday night,

Krakow Saturday. The chicks in Poland are slamming hot. And that's

coming from a dude who lives in Hollywood.

Sarged waitress at dinner, HB9 petite brunette with gorgeous full lips, she

dug me but never came to the gig. Apparently she had a bf. You missed out


Club on Friday is going off, approached the hottest girls in there with my

social proof as a performer but the HB8 Czech waitress is the only one feelin

my vibe. Held back a little by some jackass that I befriended but that kept

fuckin cockblocking me, the drunk Polish fuck. What a cunt. But really my

state was getting affected by my limiting belief about my game being
lessened with language barrier. Waitress loves me but has to work AFTER the

club closes at 6am. Bollocks if I'm gonna wait for any biatch. (Check out my

new British slang, aawwwww yeah.)

I need to get sleep so I piss off back to the hotel. Gotta be up for a noon

to Krakow, the most beautiful city in Europe.

The club in Krakow didn't go off as hard but the girls are just as hot. Solid.

Approaches are weird vibe cuz not everyone speaks English or German. Ah

well. Then I see a 5-set (1 guy) checking out HB7Cool's shoes. I go up there

and rock out in clear English, hey what're you lookin at? Shoe girl speaks

awesome English and stretches out her shoe for me to see. I stroke her foot

delicately and it's on. I'm vibing with her friends esp. the dude and they love

me. Classic befriending technique.

Turns out HBCool is from here but lives in Paris; she's on vacation.... I know

the lay is on. She likes me. Hahaa I can run my normal intellectual game on

smart chicks, it's flying like mad, after thumb war and c/f qualifying it's

for rapport. CUBE. I am saying I like her answers and it's true, she comes

across happy-go-lucky and fun like me, but also i'm judging her on it.

We go and dance, major EC, super flirty, she is loving it, and the kiss is just

not happening but yet I can tell it is so on. She keeps avoiding. ABC!!!

I isolate her again and massage. She is loving it. I know it is on. She asks me

what I am doing, she wants to venue change me with her friends. Boom we go

to another awesome club that's like a giant underground dungeon with a

bunch of nooks and different levels, super cool. More rapport -- THEN she

does me the favor of telling me that she doesn't like PDA. No prob baby.

She is super fucking cool and smart and laughs a lot, great sense of humor.

Rapport is deep and wide. She is kino'ing back etc. I take her back to hotel,

no LMR at all, she has a tight athletic body and nice little titties. She comes

bunch of times, screaming etc.... great lay, one of the best I've ever had. My

first cold approach ONS. Lotta breakthroughs for me lately. My game is
getting quite consistent and it feels damn good. Would have liked to hit some

of those HOT Slavic 9s though.

However I've got over 3 weeks in London to kick my game up and up and



1) My rapport game is unstoppable. I am very confident, intelligent, fun and

genuine and it comes across.

2) I need more routines for attraction game, it's not as flexible and
consistent as I would like. Stories from my trip will surely do nicely.

3) Cube is so fun and I've been getting so good at it. HBCool said that the

lay-hook point happened during the cube -- she literally asks herself when

meeting a man, will I have a nice chat with this guy after sex? (She's 29 but

looks 23...)

4) Being foreign can give you a little boost in the very beginning but your

game must be tight. Or maybe it's just because I'm an American... it's pretty

common so doesn't help that much.

5) This lay is obviously the first in a long series during this adventure. My

inner game» is tight (this is the key Ox -- sarge to better yourself, not to get
and my beliefs are getting rock solid. In other words, every woman I
underlook is creaming her pants for me.

6) I've realized that I am kinda like a chick in that I prefer to get to know a

woman pretty well before fucking her -- I'm all about the real connection that

gets formed (20x faster than normal...). I love making a new friend, a chick

that I can genuinely enjoy being around. The sex is SO much better when this

basis is in place. The only difference between me and a Pantoffelheld
(whipped husband dude) is that I do this process in a few hours and will
do it with scores and scores of beautiful unique intelligent women.

7) Thanks FS and all the gurus and regular guys like me posting. My replies

will be irregular due to spotty internet access... couchsurfing all the way!!

Hollywood<i style="background-

Make your move. At worst, she'll respect you for


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